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In Which I Have the Worst Memory EverJuly 7, 2006

So we're on our way to Chez Panisse the other night, on my birthday. Lala asks me how old I am. This is not an idle question -- neither of us can ever remember how old the other one is. I say that I am now 33! Yay! 3 times 11, which is my favorite number. Wooot! What a great year it's going to be!

I'd already said that to LOTS of people in the last few days, co-workers and such.

Suddenly, it feels very familiar.

Let's look back at my blog post from last year, shall we? On July 5, 2005, I wrote, "Thanks for reading. Y'all are a great part of my birthday, too. Thirty-three! That's three times my favorite number! Woooot!"

Yes, familiar.

So I say to Lala, with growing concern, "What year is it?"

We think for a while.

"It's 2006, I think."

"Okay," I said. "I was born in 1972."

We move our fingers and count under our breath.

"Shit. I'm 34."

Lala starts laughing.

"I'm THIRTY-FOUR. I lost a whole damn YEAR! I've been 32 for TWO YEARS!"

I was pissed. And amused, yes. But so irritated. Apparently I knew how old I was for one day last year, and then forgot all about the fact that I'd had a birthday. I would have sworn to my mother (who would have had to think hard about the math, too) that I was turning 33 on Wednesday.

Dang it.

So, what you're waiting for: Chez Panisse was perfection. I had the best beef I've ever had in my life. And a baked goat cheese salad. And a ginger something dessert that went SO well with the port. The ambiance was perfect, the waitress excellent and understated, and my escort was HOT. What more can I girl ask for?


Also, this just in: My boss at work just gave me a bag of fleece, unwashed, raw Jacob wool from his sheep named Ulysses. I'm gonna have to learn how start from (almost) scratch.


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Oh, joy. So glad your b-day was perfect.
(And I forget how old I am all the time. Don't worry about it!)

I was 26 for two years, and I didn't even have advanced age to blame... ;)

Oooh, I've been away a couple weeks and you turn into a blonde bombshell? LOVE the hair. What about combining it w/ the false eyelashes for ultimate vamp? It's my dream to go to Chez Panisse. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

girl, stay 33 for another year. what's the rush?

I forget how old I am on a regular basis too. Trust me, you aren't the only one. Besides, 34 is only 33 + 1 . . I think you can still say you're 33 (+1).

Happy Belated!

That's what your hair reminds me of - 1950s pin up girls! And happy birthday!

Happy Birthday. I love Chez Panisse for a couple of proms back in 1986. Glad to hear they're still an institution.

Also, your counter that indicates where we're from doesn't appear to notice I'm viewing from Afghanistan.

I may be able to score you some cashmere from the local market...

p.s. brought the Whore Shoes cd ...

Yayyy! You guys look so cute and happy!

John and I had dinner at the Cafe upstairs a couple of years ago - love, love, love the place. So casuelegant, service so wonderful and friendly, food so yummy.

Congratulations, no matter what the heck the actual number is!

Happy Birthday! Despite your loss of a year, you are little a young babe :-) I am so glad to hear that Chez Panisse was all that it's supposed to be. I'd love to go there at some point (I live in Boston, lol!)

My birthday is in 8 days. Someone asked me how old I will be, and I had to stop and count back too. 35. I'm thinking it must be left over from all the drugs people were doing when we were born. Yeah, that's it.

Happy Birthday! And Happy Free Fleece, too.

Happy Birthday!!

Happy birthday!

I think you should just go around saying you're 33 this year, and then later on skip a number you don't like nearly as much.

I once got into a museum at a reduced rate because I was under 18. The problem? I had just turned 18, and totally forgot I wasn't 17 anymore. I felt so guilty when I realized this, a day or two later. I guess I was a dorky kid, feeling bad about cheating a museum out of a couple of dollars. :-/

By the way, the 7th was my half birthday. We're birthday opposites! Wooo!

And dammit, I'm STILL older than you. This just doesn't seem right.

Your dinner sounds exactly like my idea of perfect-night-out French food. And while your escort is definitely hot, girl, you are rocking the house with that blondie look. Wooohooo!

I've got a CVM fleece, so we're in the same boat learning how to start from scratch. Post what you do, okay? and Happy happy birthday!

I did that at 41 I guess it must have been a great year if I wanted to do it all over again. So just tell everyone you are celebrating the 1st anniversary of your 33rd year. And we know your 33rd year was great for you so no wonder you want to do it again. . .

Sweetie, I knew all day Wednesday that it was your birthday, but I never managed to send word ~ Belated best wishes and love! And, FWIW, 34 is MY favorite number, and I was 34 for three years (says the gal who's still 43 but will be 47 next year) ~

Bex and I started having to to do the math EVERY time we were asked our age after 25. I can never remember. Happy Birthday anyways! And your hair looks awesome :)

That's funny, because I've spent much of the last year thinking I'm 34, when I really won't turn 34 till October! Happy birthday, darling -- you look fabulous. xoxo

I have to stop and think about it too. For some reason, after twenty-three, it stopped being integrated into that whole snap-access identity file.

Yay, Jacob! Great for coats and outerwear--what color is he?

Happy Belated Birthday!!! Your birthday is the same day as my Beloves. I totally understand the whole forgetting how old you are so I just tell people I am 21 with soon to be 13 years experience.

Happy Birthday! Love the blonde hair!
You do get to an age where you forget things like this. I routinely have to subtract my birth year from the current one to figure out how old I am.

While I am (almost) the same age as you are, I seem to have to opposite problem: I have been telling people I am 34 for MONTHS now, yet I am still officially 33 until Sept! Hmmm, maybe *I* absconded with your missing year...it was an accident, I swear!=:-o

Hey cutie, Happy Birthday! I keep having to recheck how old I am, too. I think it comes along with trying NOT to remember!

Happy birthday and love the hair! We're going to Chez Panisse for my birthday this year, too--just the thing for us July babies. I've been having to do a quick reality check everytime I try to remember how old I'm going to be--the birthdays the end in 3,4,7, and 8 seem to be hard to remember. Yeah, that's it.

Check you out, miss platinum blonde! Hey, maybe that's why you got screwed up on your age--the blonde thing (no offense to any blondes out there who are reading these comments). Happy Birthday!

A boss that brings you wool? Wow, you're working in the right place girl! Happy B from one crab to another! :)

Happy birthday, you dear old thing. You share a birthday with Her Surreal Highness, and you're ten years younger than me, so you should likely write and ask me a few days before your birthday to find out how old you are *g*

As for the fleece, welcome to the smelly side.

I am always one year ahead of myself. I was born in 1960, so this year, for instance, 2006, I believe I am 46 all year long, until I get to the end of December (my birthday) and the gift my husband gives me each year is my real age...I'm just turning 46 and can start all over again...so I'm really only my real age for a couple of days each year!

you both look wonderful - I love your hair very 1950s Hollywood Siren - gorgeous! (you're both gorgeous). Maybe you're just not old enough to be 34 yet

Happy birthday, whichever one it is!

Its not like starting from scratch with fleece, its more like getting to delve into the total sheepy experience.

Judging from rest of the comments, you and I are both in very good company with the whole birthday-age-forgetting thing. It doesn't matter what year it is... if you ask me how old I am, I'll tell you whatever comes to my head as the right age and then have to do the math to see if I'm even close. I'm routinely sorta close. I've just figured out that I'll turn 48 this year. I'd rather use all my (ahem) "youthful indiscretions" as the reason for my forgetfulness. Old age seems too close to home these days.

Happy belated birthday, Rachael love... may 34 bring you as many wonderful days as 33 did.

Happy Birthday Rachel! Age only matters when you get discounts on insurance or a tax break, so be the age you feel comfortable being! I told everyone this year I was 34 because I can never remember how old I am unless I count and besides, I really liked 34.

Free fleece, huh?

You may want to read Purl Jam discussing her free fleece:


Happy Birthday!

Happy Belated Birthday whatever the year may be!

I once over shot myself a year (36 I believe) and had the pleasure of repeating being 36 for two years running. Not bad when you realize you have gained a year!

Love the blondie with her hot wife shot. Happy Birthday!

Hooray Happy Birthday! If you want to be 33 that's fine with me.

I plan on being 36 for long while...

Holy freakin CRAP I forgot your birthday. Wahhhh! I guess that means you didn't turn 34 after all?

HAPPY HAPPY (33rd) Birthday!

Happy Birthday! I hate to admit I always have to think twice about how old I am too. You are not alone. Also: that goat cheese salad is the food of the gods is it not?

Happy birthday to the coolest 34 year old out there! Don't you just love being a blonde?

Happy Birthday! In my early & mid 30s I constantly forgot how old I was .You'll remember how old you are when you hit 39 and 40. Chez Panisse is one of my all time favorite restaurants. If I were on death row, I would want my last meal to be from there (or maybe some North Carolina style pulled pork). Baked goat cheese salad sounds awesome. By the way, you & Lala look like 40s movie stars. So glam!

Happy Birthday! :)

How wierd is this: I too, have been thinking for two years that I'm 32. Last week I told my husband I was turning 33 already and he looked at me funny. "You're turning 34, you know". Oops.

My birthday is July 18 so you beat me by only a week. I am beginning to think we're fated to meet because we even live in the same area. Maybe one day!

Happy darn birthday--whatever number comes up!

Happy Birthday! What a great present to get from a boss! I'm flabbergasted.

The best meal I ever had was at Chez Panisse, too. The next night I had the second best meal I've had at Millenium. Been there?

Any multiple of 17 cannot be bad. You will have a great year, just adopt *my* superstitions for a little while... ;)

Happy Belated! I am sure you have had your birthday by now.
I have the same problem remembering how old I am. I was born in 1972 also. But I won't be 34 till next month. I guess I just stopped keeping count when the kids were born. Either that or I am becoming more senile.
Hope you got everything you wanted.
And such a cutie picture!

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