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I've Been KnittingJuly 4, 2006

I swear I have. You don't come here for THAT, do you? If you do, I bet you're disappointed a lot.

I have been knitting, but I feel like I've been working on this one thing for YEARS. I'm making the IK corset pullover, but I'm doing it in leftover wedding-dress yarn, DB's DK weight cash-cotton. I'm doing it on 2US needles, in order to get the fabric I want, so I'm having to make the largest size in order to compensate for the difference in gauge. Which means I'm knitting and knitting and knitting and it's not getting any bigger. The sleeves are done, and about 2/3 of the front. I think I've been working on the front of it since before I could ride a bike.

Clara's very quiet. Hang on a minute.

Okay, she's all right. She can be very naughty in the space of thirty unwatched seconds, though.

What was  I saying? Oh, yeah. Knitting. Boring. I am bored by the knit. I REALLY want to make the Gathering Intentions cabled sweater from Fiona Ellis's new book, and I want to spin the yarn for it, too. I think maybe I'll start that today. I'm not motivated to do ANYTHING else today. I've been finding that lately, after these incredibly busy, sleep-deprived weeks, that I don't want to do anything on at least one of my days off. I should clean the house, and I should do laundry, but instead, I think I'll spin and goof off. I have to work some overtime tonight (hello, holiday triple-time-and-a-half!), and then I have tomorrow off, and IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! Tomorrow, that is.

We have reservations to Chez Panisse tomorrow night. It's the #5 restaurant in the Western Hemisphere, according to Wikipedia. A friend gave us a gift cert for the wedding, and we're using it. I can't WAIT.

Ohmygod, I had a dream this morning that I was marrying Lala again. Yes, that's something we want to do, as much as possible, in as many countries as will let us, but not, as my dream went, at the same location as the first wedding, and not at 10 in the morning, and not when I'm running two hours late and I'm at the store trying to buy champagne and flowers and strawberries in a hardware store, and I realize I forgot my wedding dress at home and no one will answer their cell phones so I can ask them to pick it up, and then I realize I have to wear black low-heeled shoes with my ivory dress because I don't have anything else. Then I woke up after last being in a boat with my mother, trying to row to the wedding, since the car ran out of gas, but we'd just realized we'd spent 30 minutes rowing the wrong way..... I actually had to make myself go back to sleep and get married, just to prove to myself that Lala would have waited anyway. (She did, by the way.)



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Of course she waited for you! Awwww!

And I thought MY dream about losing my girlfriend to a goose was stressful!

heh - those kinds of dreams are exhausting!

too cute - I remember the same dreams when I was pregnant...any thing you are not telling us???

Ooh, I love that top! I can't wait to see the finished product. I was just fondling DB Baby Cashmerino at the LYS, as it seems like the perfect yarn for it. (It feels just like the top looks in the photos.) Do share your thoughs on how the cashcotton works for it. I really want to make that tank, but I'm at a loss for a yarn that will hold its shape well (I'm not a cotton fan at all), but won't be too hot.

That's the kind of dream you're supposed to have *before* the wedding, weirdo!

(It's your birthday tomorrow!!!)

Yikes! (And I just spent all of last night trying to get away from a nightmare of zombie dogs ripping apart everyone I know and love.)

Tomorrow is my birthday too!
Happy birthday to us!

You are an extreme goofus, in the best possible way. Ah, dreams- when my kids sneak in bed with me, I know they are there because I have to most bizarre dreams. A few nights ago I knew Angus (the 51/2 year old) climbed in because I had a dream that I was in a candy store the size of Costco. Every kind of candy, from everywhere in the world in EVERY flavor. Tell me that is not a 5 year olds biggest dream. Candy p*rn. Happy Birthday to you and ENJOY the Chez. Amazing place, you will love it.

Happy Birthday!! I hope it's a great day!


Maybe TMK and the goose and Lala and whoever she ran off with can double date.

I think you're a little stressed out, baby.

Oh, um, and happy birthday. Sorry, I should have said that the first time. I suck. And am slee-deprived; it's my only excuse.

Chez Panisse. Oh, I'm about fainting from the envy. I was there only once, wayyyy back, but what a lovely experience. Happy, Happy Birthday!

Happy, happy birthday !!!

Happy birthday tomorrow...what a great day! You not only share your birthday with my dad, but my brother is celelbrating his anniversary tomorrow too! Have a great one!

Happy Birthday! And yay for huge holiday pay! George and I are enjoying the neighborhood fireworks right now. Better than last year, none right over us, but still close enough to see a few over the rooftops of the neighbors.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Happy birthday, dear Rachael!!

happy, happy birthday!!

Dude, I totally feel ya with that IK Corset Pullover... the most rippingest project I've ever done. Don't you love doing that twisted rib? But it looks gorgeous in the end. I'm in the finishing phase - got my cinch straps and started seaming, so come by and check it out - "soon", that is.

Oh, yes, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY. You sneaked that in the post, didn't you. :)

that is a wild dream! :) good thing you didn't have it before the actual wedding!

i ate the best dinner of my life at chez panisse in 1995. so i know you'll enjoy!

and p.s. happy birthday, young'un! :)

Hey, wicked happy birthday!!!

I love Lala in dark and you in blonde....very nice!

Happy happy birthday- you two kinda look like twins in that picture...
I think so anyway.

Happy birthday! Have a great day and wonderful dinner.

Happy Birthday, doll!

Can't wait to see the corset pullover, it's such a beautiful pattern. Happy Birthday!

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