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Monkeys That Ride Dogs While Herding SheepJuly 15, 2006

Yes, that's what you read. And no, I don't think anything could be cuter. Perhaps if it were a monkey that belonged to Lala, and Clara was the dog in question, but until then, no.

Article here.

Very short (must see) video.


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Haha! You must also see here... http://www.whiplashrides.com/new_page_1.htm

Whiplash is a pretty big icon around here. LoL!

Aw man, I can't find the video. I do love the look on the dog's face (and the very different, very intense expression on the monkey's face) in the upper pic of the article.

In Mexico they put saddles on the greyhounds and have monkeys ride them, or so I have been told. Of course, the greyhounds are muzzled or else they'd be eating the jockeys off each others' backs.

Have you read this???

That there is very, very special.
And, strangely, less disturbing than the bears riding horses I saw at the circus once, many moons ago (those wacky former Soviet bloc circus acts!).

both those links go to the same page (the article) & I can't find the video. I NEED the video!!

I have a "dog sitter" video that features those monkeys that ride the dogs. My dog doesn't pay attention to the video, but one of my cats, Arthur, loved it. He loved it too much - would rocket launch himself smack into the tv screen. I would have to "mom arm" him on the sofa when we watched it. The video is irritating to watch because there are barely audible "good dog, good dog!" and other sounds on it. The only time we use it now is for a laugh.

This makes me giggle!

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