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On Second ThoughtJuly 22, 2006

You know, I've rethought that last post. I mentioned that I was intellectually above those two TV shows. I think perhaps I was wrong. I just realized that the two things I've most enjoyed on real (not at work) TV lately were:

My Date With Drew: One of the sweetest little documentaries I've seen in a long time. It purports to chronicle a guy's obsession with getting a date, just one, with Drew Barrymore. But really, even though that part is cool (I won't tell you whether or not he gets the date) it's really a movie about friendship. Dude's friends follow him EVERYWHERE, for a long time, and never, ever stop encouraging him in his quest. It was so great I got a little verklempt.

Long Way Round: Ewan McGregor and his best pal Charley go from London to New York, via mostly land, on motorbikes. I watched the first episode of seven and thought it would be rather a waste of time, but okay to spin to. Instead, it also turned into a male-friendship movie, the likes of which I haven't seen since, well, My Date With Drew. I only realize now the similarity, and I wonder why I'm drawn to male-bonding right now. Ewan and Charley come across as nice, really nice. I like nice boys. I wondered if it was all editing, but there are several shots in the film where something horrible happens, some bike/car/flood/river catastrophe, and the camera goes right to their faces, and they're cool. They react with compassion and concern to things, the way I want people to react to things. Satisfying to watch.

Also (knitting content!), Long Way Round has a scene in the sewers of Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia, and it shows the kids that Ryan's Dulaan Brigade helps out. I felt connected to that scene in a very intense, very moving way.

So. That to say: I am not sophisticated, after all. I am a pop-culture junkie. Not quite in the eat-only-Twinkies kind of way, but still in an eat ice-cream-every-day and pickles-count-as-vegetables kind of way.Ya dig?

Just thought you should know.


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I used to teach high school and hold a Master's Degree and I love crapppppppptastic reality TV. See - http://www.scoutj.com/2006/07/07/wanna-know-a-secret-meme/


of COURSE pickles count as vegetables. They're green, aren't they?

My husband and I own Long Way Round on DVD. My husband rides motorcycles, and I love Ewan McGregor, so it all works out :)

I saw the last two episodes of Long Way Round - when they reconnect with their families - and man, did I cry! So so emotional. I'll have to get it on DVD because I've been wanting to watch the whole thing. Thanks for the reminder.

Wait... pickles DON'T count as vegetables?

Pickles are definitely vegetables. Once a cucumber, always a cucumber.

Yeah, me and Ewan, we go waaaay back! :-)

Thanks for the plug, darlin'!

I am waaaay too suggestible. Now I have a pickle jones.
(wait, does that sound wrong?)

I love Long Way Round. Great great movie/mini series. :) Pickles ARE veggies. Just pickled veggies.

I got my boyfriend the extended British version of the Long Way Round DVDs because he is a big BMW motorcycle enthusiast and has the same model of bike the boys took on their trip. You're right that the relationships certainly kept the show engaging - I think that the hugely evident love that they have for their children was GREAT. Their love and involvement with the kids was so evident, I think it showed a really great fatherhood model.

Pop culture is where it's at! Without cable I am reliant on DVDs, but when I do watch on DVD--I gorge.

Also loved The Long Way Round. It was nice to be able to watch something with the hubby, LOL. I love to navigate by the seat of my pants, my husband is really into bikes, dirt bikes, sport bikes (just bought a used KTM this weekend after not having a bike of anysort for 6 years). We'd love to do something like that show, but perhaps a bit more civilized, LOL.
And the boys weren't bad to watch either, LOL. One sounded exactly like my FIL. Freaky when I closed my eyes.

Oh man, now I'm craving a pickle. Pickles are in that fabulous family of costs-more-calories-to-digest-than-you-get back.

I didn't see the drew movie but I remember reading about it - the man who made it - did it on a shoestring. If I remember correctly, he had no prior film experience,training,etc. It's probably the kind of movie that I would like. I like cinema verite but not reality teevee.

I have an embarassing fondness for Ewan McGregor. And the Mongolian scenes in Long Way Round are why I started knitting for Dulaan. It's a great documentary, and you're right -- Ewan and Charlie both come across as fundamentally decent people.

What's not to love about Pop Culture. At least you're not a complete geek like me who makes her living studying it!

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