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A Brain, Released into the Wilds of Sleepiness, is a Strange ThingAugust 4, 2006

I am itching to knit cables. I'm.........

Oooh! Have you ever tried Paul Newman's fig snack cookies? They are soooo chewy and good.

I was thinking about knitting. But now I'm not, sorry.

My brain is fried. Exhausted. Too much work, too little sleep, and the added stress and excitement of getting a lot done in a short amount of time. Yesterday I gave the key to our new tenant, and I left her there. In my condo. Which is now her apartment. I don't live there anymore.

I don't WANT to live there anymore. But it's weird to sell the space to someone. She'll be cozy there. She'll be one taking the baths in the clawfoot tub. (Why didn't I take my last bathe while I still could?) She'll be listening to the traffic. I hope she loves it. She certainly seems like a doll.

I was all, like, professional and stuff. I said, "I want to be the best landlord EVER!" and then I did a little hop to emphasize the point. "So call me! For anything! If anything breaks, I'll fix it!"

She said, "I'll really keep it nice for you. I promise."

"But I'll get things fixed! Put nails in the wall! You'll scratch the hardwood floor like I did, and who cares? Shit happens! Just call! I'll help!"

She said, "I used to manage an apartment building, so I'm pretty handy."

CALL ME! I wanted to scream, but I nodded coolly and stopped jumping up and down. "Sure, that's cool. I get it."

Then Clara and I left and went to the beach where I felt very grown up and weird, and she felt like a border collie who wanted to herd waves (she's very good, thank you for asking).

I forgot I had these cookies! Hang on.

Yep. Still as good as they were ten minutes ago.

See, me back on midnight shift lets you in for this kind of thing. Saintly Lala was great yesterday morning when I got home. I'd been up and running for more than 24 hours following a sleepless PMS-insomnia night. I got LOST going home. Seriously. I was trying to get through Pleasanton on surface streets, avoiding a pile-up on westbound 580, and I totally twisted myself up. I couldn't call work for directions home, because I would have cried. I didn't have a map. So I literally headed for the hills, knowing Oakland lay that direction.

Yeah, wrong hills. I was almost to Fremont (got to Sunol) by the time I figured out my mistake. Timesaving, not so much.

I got home and dissolved into those big tired sobs that don't make any sense. Also, I needed to make the bed right NOW, with Lala still in it. This is true.

She just kept saying shhhh.

She left the room to take a shower so she could go to work, and when she came back in, I was dead to the world. Lovely, lovely sleep.

I'm at work now, dreaming of sleep. And eating the best fig newtons. And deciding that I really don't care for knitting lace. But I LOVE cables. I must do cables soon. Very soon. Screw all this other stuff I'm working on and can't seem to finish (except socks. Finishing lots of boring socks lately).

I hope you're sleeping now, well and deeply. Or if you're east of me, I hope your coffee is strong, and the sky is clear and cool. That's what I wish.


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Such nice wishes. I wish you a good rest of your workday and some more wonderful sleep when you get home later.

Well, I've got the coffee part taken care of, but the Boston skies are spitting this morning. And the humidity. Oh my.

I can completely sympathize with the non-sensical sobbing. Happened to me on Tuesday when a 6 mile commute took me 1.5 hours in 100 degree heat (and oh my, again with the humidity). The straw? A guy who laid on his horn at me...for being in the crosswalk. When I yelled at him that I was In The Crosswalk? His response? "I know!"

If it's any consolation, I got lost coming home from work once. On a commute I'd been doing for years without any change.

No, I didn't think it was any consolation.

You're so cute when you're tired and rambly. :o)

Cables do sound like tasty knitting fare. Check out
You might find something in the latest issue to tempt you! I know I did.

I came close to dozing off driving home from Marin last night at 10--maybe listening to books on tape in the car is not a good way to stay alert, since droning voices put me to sleep.

Me, I've got a cable thing going (and a lacy thing or two going, and a sock or six going), and I'm craving just a teeny bit of colorwork. Even thought I'd stop by Art Fibers today to see if they can help me out...

Well, thanks Rachel.
Finally it's cool, and it's raining, which I love, makes everything sweet and fresh and lazy creative.
Excellent, I shall send my weather requests your way from now on, you work miracles!

you are too nice for your own good. sounds like you got a great tenant who will respect your property and take good care of it, but you really don't want to encourage too many phone calls. really you don't.

Man, I could do with some of those figgy cookies myself...

I'm sure mine's not nearly as cool as whatever you'll eventually cook up, but I've got a cable project in the queue - the Central Park Hoodie from this fall's Knitscene:


I don't know which is more appealing to me - the cables, or the Yorkshire Tweed Aran that will become it.

Really, there is no reason to go to Fremont. Trust me.

Mmmm. Cables. I love the cables too, and one of these days I'll post a picture of your cable scarf pattern that I finished as my second scarf ever. And, if you like knitting scarves, as I do (something about the utility of a scarf makes me happy) and like cables, there are a couple of great cable patterns in Pam Allen's book, scarfSTYLE. I'm knitting them and loving them, and I think you just might too.

And, yes... in case you're comparing your notes, I'm the same person who offered to perhaps consinder making an offer on the condo in another year or so, and the person who can't quite knit and watch foreign films at the same time. What a small, small world.

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