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AlsoAugust 17, 2006

Lately I've been trying to jumpstart creativity, just like my Divine Ms. Em has. She has a post and a comment thread that I loved reading this morning. Go give her some more idears, huh?


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A smiling dog sweater, that would be a sweater with a knitted smiling dog picture knit in it. Look at that great model you have already.

When in a slumb......silk undershirts, knit one for you and one for your the wife. mmmm silk undies.

Is it in "Knitted Gifts" they have a pattern, I aso just did a little knitted silk scarf in lacie-e-poo.

Does that help?

The new French Girl patterns are grrrreat too.

Why yes I do work in a knitting shop.

you're awesome! did lala and crew like the photos?

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