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AlsoAugust 31, 2006

I just ran across't a post by Lala, written almost two years ago when I moved into the condo. It still makes me laugh. (Scroll to bottom of page.)

Update (annotated).


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Um, is there a warning line for those of us who know we sound bad but keep playing anyway? I'm frightened. Very very frightened.

In complete earnestness, Lala is one of the funniest natural writers I've ever read. I go back now and then to find things I've read and enjoyed before and I inevitably end up with happy achy cheek muscles (in my face, that is!) from the lingering giddies.

Ooh, she's right. Nice rack!

Because I'm too lazy to comment in a separate post--we save money, and then the dogs or cars do something stupid and have to go to the vet/mechanic, so I'm coming to the conclusion that saving money makes bad things happen.

Funny post! But I am more stuck on this whole "unpacked and settled in four hours" thing. I moved two weeks ago, and 98% of my stuff is still in boxes, which are piled up in such a fashion as to BARELY give me aisles to move around.

How? What strange magic is this? Four hours? How is that even possible? Is there some kind of technique involved? Because my technique* isn't working very well.

* Which essentially begins and ends with me thinking "I should unpack some of this stuff."

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