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C is for CrazyAugust 19, 2006

It is not, I repeat, NOT for Christmas, Rabbitch. I sah-wear to god. If you didn't live in Vancouver (for which you are forgiven all faults, but forget I said that), I'd drive up there and give you such a pinch!

I can't believe you did that. Bringing up the C-word when there's another heat wave headed our way. Humph.

So here it is. Let me be the first to make this eminently sensible decision this year, and I am making it out loud, right here and now, for all of you, gentle readers, to witness.

  •     I am not knitting anything for anyone this year for Christmas.

Dpn't get me wrong (that was an honest typo. Hah!). I do love knitting prezzies for people, but I really dislike doing it on holiday deadline. (Christy, the shawl doesn't count. I'm LOVING knitting it. Can't wait to show you. And it's not Christmas.)

And you know what? I'm going further with this, watch me:

  •     I'm not going to buy anything for anyone until one week before Christmas.

How do like THEM cinnamon-apples, HUH, Rabbitch? Put that in your stocking and smoke it, lady.

And when I do buy Christmas presents, this is what I'm going to do. I'm going to drive to the City, pay for garage parking, walk to the MOMA museum gift store, buy one small and interesting gift for everyone on the list, and then go home and wrap them. I think I can have Christmas done in under three hours, including traffic. Watch me.

Now, you can go ahead and cuss me out for bringing it up. But please remember that I wasn't the first one. Rabbitch was. Good thing she lives in Vancouver. Safer up there, y'know.


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Be gentle with her. She's decided to make kilt hose for her father. Kilt.Hose. Obviously, the poor dear's snapped.

ha! i totally agree with your plan. take it a step further and order those gifts from the MOMA website on your couch.

I got all excited when I saw MOMA because I thought it meant you were coming to NYC. But you know, maybe you should--what a great present to yourself.

You crack me up. "Put that in your stocking and smoke it." Ha!

Hell, I've been doing Noro one-skein Silk Garden hats and fuzzy feet for a few months now (among other projects). Nothing that takes longer than a weekend per item (well, except for my dad's cable hat, but that was a design experiment! Yeah, that's it...)

Yeah, go ahead, throw rocks. I'm sick and I admit it.

why go to the moma museum when you can just shop online? other than to enjoy the place, of course. since i'll be 9 mo. prego at christmas i intend to do all of my shopping at amazon.com. no one to get in my way, piss me off, or try and touch my stomach. and they bring it all to my neighbor's door! *grumbles about stupid UPS drivers*

Um, dude? I keep trying to light my stocking so I can smoke it and really, I'm not having a lot of success.

A little help here?

Oh, and your wife's already put her Christmas knitting order in with me. You might want to watch that ... seems she likes chicks who knit.

Or dishcloths.


I make the same promise to myself every January. I always break down around this time of year. All of those new fall yarns, and the knitting magazines get interesting. Of course I'm, a delusional Texan who insists on forcing friends and family members to smile gratefully when I present them clothing items they can wear for about one week a year.

I wish I could do that! But last sea-mail shipping date to England is in October, so I have to get my skates on and do the C word once for the relatives and friends back in Blighty, and again here three months later...

I think we -- the Vancouverites -- are a bit ahead of schedule, ever since August decided that it was a wool sweater month.

"Christmas Knitting" should come with a big bold printed Health Warning!!!! I hate deadlines they take the fun out of EVERYTHING!!! :) Love your blog Rachael, as always you make me smile even on the worse days!! Oh yes btw "Summer Greetings from Sweden - (yes it still is Summer here just!)

Pfft. Christmas knitting, my eye. I'm a soldier in the war against Christmas! My daughter will be lucky if she gets anything from me.

Of course, this is before the carols are played nonstop and my will breaks down....

Hate to break it to you but I brought it up a couple of months ago when I tucked away a shrug for the sis for the aforementioned event!

I use that shopping technique every year, but I do the websites. I do not knit for Christmas. I do not need the stress.

Wait..there's another heatwave coming?? Nooooo!!!!!!!!!!

As for the Holiday thing...yeah. Right now I'm focused on making gifts for my in-laws in MA in prep for our visit to them come October (in aid of which I stopped by Imagiknit today, where they are having a sale--just sayin'...). Once I get that done, I MAY decide to make some stuff for C-word. Or maybe I might make something FOR MYSELF for once. *gasp*! The nerve of me! :-)

I like your plan no pressure. Especially no knitting pressure because then it isn't fun any longer. I buy many gifts from MOMO every year too but online.

hi rachael,
haven't commented in a long time but hello and all best wishes to you!
your christmas plan is so appealing... i tried a modified version last year (all shopping online, 3 weeks before the big day), but still somehow forgot Very Important Someones and ended up spending the 10-hour ride from florida home to louisiana knitting hats. big, chunky, ribbed hats on size 11 needles. which i finished at 11:45pm christmas eve. and i'm a hindu, for pete's sake. this year-- it'll be different, i swear.

Cripes, Christmas?! ;) I always have the best intentions with wanting to gift handmade items and end up making the pre-holiday season a nightmare of deadline knitting/painting. Maybe I too should adopt your theme. I used to do it that way when I was in University. Easy breezy! But it would be nice to finally master the sock and give the hubby a pair, hmmmm.. Better start now.

Last year I started my Christmas knitting in July, promptly wrapped everything in early December, and then...couldn't get around to going to the post office to mail anything.

So, this year? Mail order. Direct to recipient.

It' O.K. to give someone a handmade present after Xmas. My SIL got her (and her family"s) gift in July, and I still got hugs and kisses.And Santa will still come to my house this year too. I must say the idea of buying gifts has an certain appeal.
You could use stash yarn as ribbons aand bows!

I am with you for sure on #1. Ha, now that my mother and SIL knit, I can send YARN instead of knitted objects.
But #2 - I prefer to do my xmas shopping by end of October. All done, no shipping deadlines, no stupid crappy Christmas dread. Yay!

The MOMA idea is good one.

I've solved the what-to-get by donating a small amount in a person's name to their favorite charity/cause along with a nice letterpress card. Cuts way down on shopping time (can be done in one's PJS at 230AM if so desired).

Rab, honey, knit the stocking out of hemp. Works way better that way. Trust me. (Man, and she lives in BC--you'd think she'd know about smoking the stockings....)

C is for Crazy, that's good enough for me...

(Oh, wait. It's supposed to be Cookie, isn't it. Four dozen, please. Chocolate. Thanks.)

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