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August 29, 2006

I don't feel so good. I keep thinking it's outta control allergies, but I'm at work tonight and I'm feeling all squoodgy and shaky, and I've been freezing for two days. I never have a chill, and on the few occasions that I do, I normally enjoy them, usually running too hot.

And this is a long week. This isn't my normal night to work, but working tonight gets me an extra night off for the Europe trip. (YAY! Yay!) But that means five nights in a row, 12 hour shifts, 2 hours of commute time. Not much time at home, none to left over to wash dishes. Lala, reuse your glasses, okay?

The good news is that I found a new, wonderful dog park right close to the house -- it's only 10 minutes up the road in Castro Valley, as opposed to the beach, which is 30 minutes each way in traffic out on the other side of town. (Every afternoon before work, I take the dogs to the park -- Clara needs to run with other dogs every. single. day. or she eats things. Like yarn. And magazines on Buddhism. (I hope she needed the dharma more than Lala.))

(This is for visitors searching for the Castro Valley Dog Park: Because it is so hidden that it took me over an HOUR to find the dog park near my house, and there exist no directions online to find it, and the address listed is not actually where you need to go,  here you go: exit at Center off 580, head north on Center (NOT as you would think, on Crow Canyon), and go right on Paradise Knolls, the parking lot is all the way at the end. You're welcome. Enjoy.)

Lala took this at the beach -- Clara goes FAST. And the little dog that was chasing her was one of the funniest, bossiest little dogs I've ever seen. They had a ball.


And the one-handed dog:



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fell better soon, sweet pea. Say Hi to Bethany for me. Will she EVER blog again, ya think??? oops. Hi to Lala, too.

Yuck! I hope you feel better soon.

Nice pics! I love an action shot.

Lala looks great; very cool in her shades.

I hope you feel better soon. And, um, that's not an awful lot of dog Lala's got there ...

Funny, my first thought was that Miss Idaho looks huge in that photo. But I know it's just the camera angle.

Hope you're feeling better soon. Shaky and chills sounds yucky.

And I don't know why really, but this post in particular really made me miss you guys. I think it might be the one-handed dog picture.

Bleh, I hope you're not sick. Take care of yourself!

Love that pic of Lala and your minidog. Hey, did you know there is a knitting pattern named after your wife in the Knit Cafe book? Its a good one too, in Kid Silk Haze.

I'm also hoping it's just allergies...considering we live on different coasts it's pretty unbelievable we caught the same cold...right? Right???

Hope you feel better soon!
Isn't it great to find something useful and cool not too far away? I love that. Like today I found out there's this wacky Vietnamese grocery store less than a mile away from me.

I sure hope you're not coming down with the uglies, too. Our Gypsy would so love a dog park!

I am definitely doing the allergy thing myself (just got back from the LA area, where I am apparently allergic to every flowering thing in the entire region--OY. I hate you too, sinuses). There is some kind of Late Summer Ick I have heard is going around as well--here's hoping you can beat it down quickly!!

oooo Castro Valley. I used to live there. The trail around Lake Chabot is a really really nice walk or run!

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