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Loop by LoopAugust 10, 2006

My friend Nakachi is a strong, lovely woman, and she's proving it, by setting this up. Please join if you're so moved. I think it's a fantastic idea. You've seen what knitters can do..... 


Many of you may be aware of the events currently unfolding in Lebanon.  Regardless of your political positions, or lack thereof, the devastation has displaced a staggering number of civilians.  Basic living supplies are desperately needed.  Many of us who feel the need to assist in the call for humanitarian aid are unable to send money. We are not, however, helpless. 

I am the co-founder of a yahoo group created to gather those who can sew/knit/crochet to assist in an on-going effort to provide handmade towels, blankets, soap and clothing to those in need in Lebanon and worldwide.  We are making these items by hand to be delivered directly to those in crisis. 

We have made contact with relief workers on the ground in Lebanon and with the country's Higher Relief Council to determine legitimate delivery channels and are preparing to send our first shipments.  We have also teamed with organizations here in the U.S. with established humanitarian programs such as  MADRE and Women's International League for Peace. At the end of the month cloths will be travelling to Ethiopia with an organization called Hope for Children.  The cloths will be delivered to an orphanage for Ethiopian children affected by the HIV pandemic.

If you or someone you know knows how to knit, crochet or sew please join our yahoo group, Loop by Loop. Feel free to forward this email to others you think would be willing to assist in this massive effort.  We need all the hearts and hands we can get. 


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Thanks so much for passing this along! It's great to have a real need to be knitting for.

(FYI - the link's missing a letter)

you are amazing and magic is your heart.

thank you, honeygirl.

Great way for me to do a much needed stash reduction my dear! Have passed your post on to my knitty friends too :)

What a great thing to do!

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