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August 14, 2006


Moebius Scarf! Directions at DIY Network. I love it. I used my own handspun cashmere, so I *really* love it. It's almost too soft to wear, if that can be possible. (It also stretched out a bit, so I wore it doubled later in the day, which kind of defeated the moebius effect, but who cares? It's cashmere!)

And get this: I was in San Francisco yesterday, meeting relatives in from New Zealand. While waiting in the hotel lobby, a woman asked me, "Is that the moebius scarf from Knitty Gritty?" So we discussed. Ah, the common language of knitting....


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Yowzah, dat's purty!

Make me one!!! PLEASE?!?!? IT's fabulous!

Very pretty! Now I'm gonna have to make one.

a woman recently attacked me in a nice crazed knitter way in a restaurant when she saw me knitting a sock.

and i once had a woman ask me if had the clap, on a train. heh heh (actually she asked me if that was the clap that i was wearing. but wouldn't it have been funny if she had?

Ooh, that's pretty!

Maybe I could make one outta handspun llama ...

Maybe hell will freeze over before I have time, but it's a nice thought.

dayum, girl! you're a wicked fast knitter. it looks gorgeous!!

Hey, that reminds me. I've got some cashmere roving around here somewhere....

It's lovely!

so pretty,so lacey, so....italian

handspun cashmere so very very ...........perfect

luv dennyx0xxx0

That looks great! And sooooft.
Virtually every time I have knit in public lately (in SF, as a matter o'fact), someone has started to talk to me about it. All other knitters! Our numbers are legion!!

So love the scarf...I watched the episode on TiVo last night and thinking I might have to add that to my list. I have some stash that I can use but no the needles...

It looks Ma-velous! I want to cast one on right away!

Holy F^ck! I mean, f&ckety f%ck, that Moebius scarf is f#cking aweseome.

Kellee (Obsession du Jour) entertained me like a 5 year old at her house this past Thursday by making me watch the Moebius episode of Knitty Gritty, so it is timely that you saw the episode and have made one of your very own.

Now I think that I need one or I might expire from the longing.

I was accosted at the opera last Feb...by another knitter...who recognized my pink silk & cashmere Clapotis (that I wear as a scarf in the winter but had artfully draped over my bare shoulders, since I dropped my intended wrap in a slush puddle). Then we discussed knitting and the joy of that pattern until we were shushed!
Lurve the moebius wrap...and your self portrait!

Looks beautiful!

Gorgeous, darlin'! :)
I miss you guys. May I please steal the photo of us you posted, and put it on my blog?

Sigh, yet another item to add to the list of things I have no time to knit, but covet.... That's lovely, and so wearable!

Beautiful! Wondering what I can use to knit one...no handspun cashmere here...

So beautiful! I finally found the clear explanation of the ancient Knitlist true Moebius I made years ago, on Planet Shoup. Got to make one again.

Ahhhhh, cashmere...

Love the Moebius...I have it on my list for vacation next week at the Jersey Shore. How did you crank that out so quickly? It looks great with your new blonde hair.


I must have cashmere someday!

Moebius strips are the coolest thing in the world!!!! Very nice!

Hi Rachel,
sorry i've not been reading lately or commenting.. but my daughter kori and i moved out closer!! we are now no longer in Harlem NYC.. but in Queen Creek AZ.. who knows i might get out further west some day and get to meet up with you and the West= Cost Gang! :-) looking forward to reading up on the latest escapades! and lots of luck to the "Band" for the european tour! karola

Gorgeous!!!!!! You are a fast knitter! Love it!

That is fabulous! And have I told you yet how much I'm loving the new hair color? It's also fabulous!

Oh, you are so incredibly pretty!

I love running into people like that! I prefer to think of it as the magic of knitting...bringing people together. Your moebius looks as wonderful and soft as you say it is. I am almost done with one using the same pattern. I think it's lovely. Mine is knit in Elsbeth Lavold's Silky Wool. It has a wonderful drape. Nice to see what someone else has done with the pattern.


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