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August 17, 2006

Mom is a good sport. Never that into dogs, she is a complete cat person. However, she was pleased as punch when Miss Idaho decided to give her the nod the other day when they were in town.


And Harriet is willing to sit at anyone's feet, just as long as she's getting all the attention.

But Clara? While the little mama is cute as always, isn't Clara the show-stealer here? Hi! Here I am! I'm so HAPPY! Steak please?


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awww...too cute!

Oh, Clara!

That picture is SO full of happy. Cute!!!

Happy dogs have a great way of making the people around them happy. And your Mom always looks so lovely and huggable.

Heh. I didn't even see Clara at first. Silly little dog (said with affection.)

awww...granddogs are the best! looks like you have a great trio of dogs there.

btw, i walk dogs at a local shelter and there was one border collie mix who looked so much like clara that i called her such before realizing that she was actually a 'he.' Somehow 'Clarence' doesn't sound quite the same...

You and your mom have the same face! That picture is really sweet.

I thought you Photoshopped Clara in! So cute!

dog do so smile .....see!

THis picture makes me sooo laugh...Thanks for the light in a yucky day.

Oh... yes. Photography is all about the sheepdog, didn't you know that?

I have so many pictures of cutesomethingorother and TOSH in the foreground, approaching fast. ("Whatchu doin', Mommy? That thingy you're holding? The flashy thing? Is it tasty?") Alternatively, the photographing brings TOSH in for a looksee to find out what I think is so interesting...

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