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August 21, 2006

We finally upgraded to a new camera. I'd had mine for about four years, and it was taking a dive. Lala's was okay, but big and bulky. So we bit the bullet and sprang for the real deal (imperative for Venice, right? Right?), the Canon Powershot SD500 Digital Elph, with 7.1 megapixels. The POWER! And it fits right in my pocket.

Wow. I just checked, and it's smaller than my cell phone (not that that means anything, since the Treo is pretty big, but wow).

So here! Fewer cell phone photos for you! (Although you'll still get them, the phone is always with me.....)

    5 lbs of cute

    There are a lot of these surprised looking shots

    But then I figured it out.

I freaking love technology, man. Now we're off to the beach, where I'll probably take one bajillionty million pictures of dogs, pictures that no one else will appreciate like I do, but I appreciate! I do! I also have a lot of errands that I just don't want to run today..... I had a hell of an HOA meeting yesterday, in which I had to go head to head with the guy next door (he got his name as associated on the title, so we have to let him in the meetings), and I hate confrontation. Apparently I'm good at it, but it left me a sobby, weepy mess afterward. Of course, I had worked all night, and had come home to find Clara in a crate full of intestinal distress (poor baby, she'd eaten something horrible, I think it might have been a rotten lemon from the backyard), so at 6:30am on Sunday, I'm in the front yard, sloshing out and scrubbing the crate with Lysol and hot water, washing the dog under the hose. The meeting came after that (and a nap, thank god). I am in a much better mood today, but in no mood to Do Things I Have To Do.

Lala had a great idea yesterday -- every time I have an HOA meeting, we get out a box of Cadbury Creme Eggs from the freezer. There are five left, and I just CAN'T have five meetings between now and Easter, can I? I think that'll do nicely.

Beach now.


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sorry for your poopy day and poopy dogs and poopy confrontations. glad the Cadbury eggs were there.

I wish I had some Cadbury eggs.

I also wish I had a smaller camera, we have a bulk Fuji one and my husband doesn't WANT a smaller one because he's afraid he'll drop it, and I can't justify the expense when the one we have works fine.

And there isn't much worse than doggy intestinal distress, is there? Our dog has a sensitive stomach and anything at any time that isn't his normal dog food can make his belly go nuts.

ooh the tiny little cameras freak me out. my fingers feel too big and clumsy. sorry about clara's yucky tummy. how many more days until venice?

Yay for new technology...
and the treo ROCKS, does it NOT?
(ask me how I know, ahem.)
My other cell phone fell into the lake,
by ACCIDENT, okay?
I HAD to upgrade.
yeah. That's my story and I'm stickin to it.
7.1 megapixels?
ooooooo. pardon me, I'm off to ogle (I mean
GOOGLE) that model...
Can't wait for the doggie beach pix...
cheers, dear!

Dude, I love my Canon Powershot too. It's seriously the best camera ever. Your pictures already look fabulous.

And sorry about the meeting and Clara's tummy troubles. You're a good woman to take that HOA man on!!

Fine. Just when I think I've chosen the next camera you have to say this???
I AM trying to find one w/ greater zoom power (kids on soccer fields really just look like blips when you only have 3x zoom), but I love the rest of your camera's specs. Why can't they make them zoom AND small??

You have Cadbury Eggs? Did you buy them by the crate? Because I thave so many emergencies that I would need a whole seperate freezer for them.
So tell me, am I the only person who has emergency chocolate in her desk? (and handbag and car and nightstand?)

That's three good lookin' chicks!

You look about 17 in that surprised shot, blonde and surprised suits you!

Sorry to hear about the intestinal trouble :( I know how 'fun' that is all round. NOT!

Yahoo about the new camera! I can't wait to see the cajillion pictures.

Don't you just love the loose poop in the crate? I know they don't like to be sick any more than we like to clean it up, but why does it always happen when we've had a bad day? When it happens to me, I just look at it like a metaphor for the whole world pooping on me!

You're lucky that your wife has some great ideas to change your mood. Chocolate fixes just about anything. You really shouldn't let the jerk at the HOA make you cry though. People like him enjoy ruining everyone's day. Don't give him the satisfaction.

Miss Idaho looks so cute in that photo by the way. I think you should frame it.....and I think it's great that you want to take lots of photos of the dogs, I wouldn't mind seeing them on your blog. I'm sure they'd be happy to pose for your new camera. Enjoy!


Love the new camera pics Rachael. In the second pic your face looks SO like "Sporty spice" (remember her?) hehehe - hey and what's wrong with cute doggy pics on the beach - bring them on, it is always fun to see little bitty doggies pretending they're "In Charge of the World" ;)

Ahhhhh, you're hair color looks much better with the new camera!

I'm on my second ELPH and I love it! I even talked my sister into buying the same one you have!

I almost didn't recognize you in the second photo because you weren't smiling!

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