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Weensy Camera PurseAugust 22, 2006


You like? I don't carry a purse unless I'm going to work and need a ton of things. Otherwise I have a cell phone in one pocket, wallet in a back pocket, dog bickies and keys in another, and lipstick in the fourth. While the camera fits in a pocket, I don't have one to spare, so I sewed this up based loosely on instructions here.


Stash fabric, and leftover button from godson's Dylan's sweater. I'm well chuffed.


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Sweet! It's summery and cute and practical all at the same time.

The fabrics are fantastic. It's a strawberry/lime-ade bag.


You are just so artsy. (I'm assuming Lala is the fartsy half of the couple).

It came out so cute! love that little button.

Very nice camera bag...I can't wait to hear about your adventures with Lala in Venice. It sounds like it's going to be a fabulous trip!

so cute! i always want to be one of those girls who can get away with stuff in pockets or a teensy cute bag... sadly i seem to be unable to part with my giant queen bee "trucker" tote, which is perpetually filled to the brim. because you just never know when you might need to, um, change your lipstick 7 times, or read 3 magazines, or knit a sock. best to be prepared. :)

I'm worse than that. I carry my cell phone in my bra. Keys on one of those jailers bracelets and enough cash for the day behind my ID. Talk about traveling light.

And yes, it does make an odd bump under my shirt. I just tell anyone who is curious enough to ask that I'm wired.

Most excellent and elegant camera bag! I travel lite too. ID, insurance card, debit card and my scoot keys. Pockets work fine most of the time.

Tres Chic! (Um- that and my last name- courtesy of the husband- is about the extent of my French) Methinks that would make a nice I-pod cosy as well, and the shuffle could probably share with the camera.

As my seven year old daughter would say, "oooooo, c'est swanky!"

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's so cute!!!!!!!!!! You gots great taste!

Totally hot! Love it! x

So sweet! I love the button. It is such a nice touch!

What a great little camera bag. You've outdone yourself once again. :)

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