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What Do You ThinkAugust 5, 2006

of my little avatar over there? Courtesy of Meez, it was fun to play with. Does it look like me at all? I mean, add sixty pounds to her bones in your head. I'd like to feed that girl a decent meal of, like, thirty-seven virtual milkshakes a day. Give a girl some curves, wouldja?


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I love the meez! I spend crazy amounts of time on there changing my meez's clothes, more time than I spend on my own. For some reason I am too tech challenged to get the animated version on my blog. She just stands there frozen.

ha! i made my meez. my meez needs tons of sandwiches too though. but i can live with looking like that for awhile though.

Hmmm....a bit scrawny for my taste, 'tis true. But quite a cutie still!

Okay, I am loving the Canadian t-shirt! She's adorable. I'd feed her some perogies and Kielbasa and chub her up a bit. Heck, it worked for me! :)

Love the T-shirt! We Canadians will send her some Poutine (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poutine)
to fatten her up.

yet another canadian,that means 3 out of 3 candians agree ......we like her/your shirt. denny in torontox0xo

What a coincidence. I was just turned on to the meez site last night at work. I tried so hard to make the female avatar look like me and got the face close, but I couldn't find any clothes close to my style. I'll have to try the dude's options tonight.

She needs a dog, or three!

Three cheers for the Canadian T.
She looks great in it.

I'm with the crowd, love the Canadian T, don't love the scrawny body. How come you can choose 50-odd hairstyles and a whole rack fulla gear, but just one body type? I wanted to comment but Meez froze my browser up a few times so I was outta there.
BTW if you occasionally spot a visitor from Japan on your NeoCounter, it's likely me (^-^)/
Been here 8 years, 10 months to go, must get through stash before then so as not to ship it back to Canada!! Wish me luck, your knitting inspires me!

The avatar is cool (if a little skinny). Now I must go and waste several hours at meez.com.

Totally looks like you! :) And nice Palace of Fine Arts background, too.

Cutie! And yes, she'd be even cuter with some curves, but still.

Ha! Did Disney and Barbie design these avatar bodies??

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