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AlsoSeptember 5, 2006

Just finished watching Saving Face. What a sweet little lesbian romance. And clean enough to watch with your mom. Go Netflix it now.


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Hey we just watched that! Wasn't it soooper sweet?

Oh I LOVED that movie!

Yup, LOVED that movie!!! :)

Since there is a very long wait for the Father Damien Story, I moved Saving Face to the top of my list. Sounds fun!

I already have that in my queue. But right now I'm trying to catch up with Battlestar Gallactica before the new season starts :-)

Oh yeah, wasn't it the cutest? We went out and bought it at BestBuy the next week after renting... I think we found it for $10 or so. Totally worth it!

C and I **loved** Saving Face. Loved it!

OMG, my mom showed that to my best friend (who happens to be a lesbian, tho I am not) and I and tried to convince us that we were secretly in love with each other. It was pretty funny/uncomfortable. I thought it was the sweetest! Sooooo funny and cute and the girls were *rowrrr* adorable!

The only two romantic comedies my husband has *ever* watched with me were Saving Face and Imagine Me & You. It's telling that they both involve lesbian couples, no?

I loved them both, so go watch IM&Y. Now! :)

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