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BACK!September 24, 2006

And I'm sooo tired. Got in last night, after traveling for 25 hours straight, and slept most of eight blessed hours. Now up, and have a million things to do today, but I thought I'd drop a line to say I'm safe, well, and happy. I will write more tomorrow, when time permits. I have a ton of pictures to show you.

But for right now, the dogs MUST go to the beach, they say, so this will have to do:



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Welcome home!


Glad you had a good time - welcome back!

Yay for a safe arrival back home! Hope y'all had a FABULOUS time!

Oooooh! Pictures! Is it tomorrow yet?

Welcome home, Sunshine. Can't wait to hear about your trip.

Welcome back!


Welcome home, I can see that you both had a wonderful time.

Oh wow! You two look so happy. It's contagious.

Love the pic and can't wait for the trip report!

*mwah* from the redheads up here in the North Bay!

I love your smiles! Can't wait to hear the stories!

Welcome home, it looks like you two had a wonderful time!!!

Yum. Life don't get a lot better than that picture, do it?

Welcome back. Now tell all!

Welcome back!!

you guys look so cute and happy! glad you had a safe journey home!

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