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The GirlsSeptember 7, 2006

Been hanging out with the girls today. Well, I do that a lot, actually. Digit, my cat, is part of my soul, but dogs are somehow more companionable, aren't they? They're pals. My cats aren't pals. Digit is sticky and prickly and offended most of the time, but we still sleep together. We hold hands. Here he is, almost-sleeping next to me:


Oh, he's my heart. Really. Adah is a peach, and sweet as all get out, and we like to see each other, but Digit is my main man. Several people have commented lately that they find it funny that in the Hehu House (our last names, combined, in a joking way that seems to have stuck) we have two women, three female dogs, a female cat, and an ex-male cat who has had his male part removed (really, he's a tranny, due to a urethra-crystal emergency some years ago).

So today, even though it's been a Take Care of Crap kind of day, the day that you make all the phone calls that make the world go 'round, all the phone calls that you've been putting off, HOA stuff and plane reservations and doctor's appointments and crap, we've still had some fun. Went on a long-ass walk over at Pt. Isabel, Miss Idaho getting out for the first time since her surgery. (BENIGN, by the way. Woot!)

I tell you what, there is nothing in the world as cute as a chihuahua with a cone head. I told people it was her cuteness amplifier, and that we were going to leave it on permanently. Some laughed. Some just gave me a look and walked their pugs quickly in the other direction.

(You can see my knitting behind old Miss ID. A sweater soonish, promise.)

A happy blurry dance. This is what Clara usually looks like. However, I did get her to pose for you earlier today. She would like you to know that she is dignified.


See? She is the picture of dignity.

Until she burps.



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Imagine the havoc wrecked (literally- Quick! move the hermit crab aquarium, AAK grab that stack of magazines, AAAH the lamp the lamp!!!) by our 65lb yellow doofus lab (it's a unique breed) who wore a cone for about 12 days last month in order to allow a sore on her foot to heal (she kept eating off the duct tape covered bandage and licking it so it stayed all gross and oozy) and insisted on running thru the house while swinging her head from side to side. She also kept misjudging the length of the cone so she would try to rub up against us and knee-cap us with the cone. Ouch. All in all it was hilarious, and we are so glad the cone is OFF! But Miss Idaho....now that's cute!!

Is it just me, or is Clara laughing at Miss Idaho?

The cone really does amplify the (already legendary) cuteness. Uncanny!

Our dog likes to jump on the couch, curl up next to you, look deep into your eyes, and then burp in your face. He's charming.

"Hehu" is cute. When my live-in and I combine our last names, we get "Barfer."

Hehehe! Dog from outer space! You need to keep it on at least through Halloween, and maybe add a tin foil hat. ;-)

My sweetie and I get a disappointingly mundane, unremarkable name when we combine our last names. That takes all the fun out of it, doesn't it?

I giggle when I think about the name possibilities with my previous boyfriend, whose last name was Cunningham. Really, anything combined with "cunning" or "ham" has the potential to be entertaining and silly. But in the end I'll take the right relationship over the funny name.

love the cuteness amplifier... i wonder if i could get that to stay on the heads of my cats? clara is gorgeous.

HAHAHAHAHA! When I first saw the entry title on my bloglines, I thought, "Finally! I get to see some boobage!" . . . but it wasn't to be . . .

Love hearing the puppy stories, even though I'm a confirmed Cat Girl! Your clara is gorgeous, and Miss Idaho, well . . . she's just a superhero, conehead and all!

As always, thanks for letting me live vicariously . . .

laughing at Chris' comment....hee.

Clara is such a schmoo. I've never really been a cat person, but I had a dog that was kind of standoffish, and she was my girl. Even though we weren't pals.

So, me and Jacob's last names: Cokop. Pronounced Coke-up. Giggle.

Picture of dignity--till she burps--sounds like a perfect description of me. :)

The older my vocal cat gets, the sweeter she gets. When she is sitting on the chair behind my head, every once in awhile she reaches down with her paw and touches my shoulder. She doesn't want anything, like when she pats my arm at the computer when I haven't fed her. Just being companionable. And does Clara toot and then turn around quick to see what the noise was? Maggie still hasn't figured it out!

Awww. All of your pets ... the females and ex-male ... are so cute. I agree though, dogs are more pals than cats. My cats like to sit on my lap or help me click the mouse or rub on my face while I'm talking (thus filling my mouth with cat hair - blech). But my dog, she's happy to see me EVERYTIME she sees me, she lays at my feet, follows me, plays fetch ... you know. Pals. Yes.

What a sweet family you have!

Oh goodness, that last pic of Clara is hilarious.

Me 'n Michael: Siwi. Like "silly" with a lisp. Heh.

Miss Idaho! So cute! The only thing I can think of that might give her a run for her money was when I had a gerbil that had to wear a cone. Yep, a gerbil. Still, I think Miss Idaho may become my PC desktop picture for the day. She just might.

It really looks like Clara burped in that picture! She really did, didn't she?! Love those critters.

A cuteness amplifier! I love it! Hopefully she's a quiet doggie, or it could amplify other things, too!

Being woken up one morning by a cone headed cat trying to lick my nose (and only succeeding in bumping me on the chin) was a very odd thing.

Digit has really cute feet.

Let's hear it for Digit!! I love seeing the dogs, but you know I've got a soft spot for those cats.

Great news about Miss Idaho. That's just the best word: benign.

Oh my god. I think I'm overwhelmed by the cuteness. That cutenss amplifier is dangerous! You need to send her picture to cuteoverload.com. She would be a star!

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