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Central ParkSeptember 13, 2006

Oh, boy, do I love this sweater.


Pattern: Central Park, Knitscene (Interweave Press special issue), Fall 2006
Yarn: Araucania Nature Wool Chunky, color 123, ten balls used.
Size: 44 bust
Needles: 5US


It knit up in about a minute, and the yarn was on sale through Webs, and I love it. Fits perfectly. The hood fits, and actually lays extremely nicely, seen here blurrily:


The cables are the easiest in the world -- the whole sweater is simple stuff, and if you've made anything beyond a scarf, ever, this would be a good next project.


I LOVE the buttons I got at Lacis. They're from the 30s, and they're vegetable ivory. Huh. I thought that was just a fancy word for plastic, honestly, but according to wikipedia, it's the tagua nut from the South American rainforest. Learn something new every day.



Did I mention I love this sweater?




Welp, I was thinking about taking it to Europe with us, but I just checked Venice's extended forecast, and we're looking at a warm 72 degrees, with scattered showers. That's not heavy wool weather, huh? Looks like the same in Brussels, so we'll have to rethink the wardrobe. Such a delicious problem.


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Beautiful! The color, the fit, everything. I especially love the buttons. :D

That sweater is HOT! I love it.

It's a gorgeous sweater, and it looks absolutely perfect on you.

I've had a thing for deep ribbing for a while, though I haven't yet made something like that for myself. I absolutely love the ribbing on this one.

Fantastic! The fit is perfect!!

Northern European weather in the fall can be, um, EXTREMELY changeable! You might need that in Brussels, or on the plane over. Sounds like you are going to have such a good time...can't wait to hear all about it!!

It's a lovely sweater and fits you beautifully. Wonderful job!

Delurking to say that that is absolutely LOVELY! I'm dashing out to buy KnitScene TONIGHT!

And have fun in Venice. :)

Beautiful sweater! Now I want one.

And chunky yarn on #5 needles? That sounds like a dense, warm sweater, but the drape is beautiful.

I think you did a wonderful job! Great color and fit!

i'm coming out of my lurking closet to tell you how fabulous that sweater is. and it looks so perfect on you.

definitely going to have to go on my "some day soon" list.

Gotta agree with Judy! When I was in Venice in May, it was rather warm during the day (about 72-75* F) but would plummet to about 50 in the evenings, and I was especially cold on the waterbus No. 1 along the Basin to San Marco. I was glad for my aran-weight Clapotis then!

I love your sweater- is that a typo that you used a US5 needle for chunky-weight wool?

You achieved a great fit on that sweater. Did you have to doodle around with the pattern much?

Niiiice. I was just thinking about that sweater, and wondering who was knitting it. Now I'm inspired...but how could I ever find such perfect buttons?

Love it! Fabulous! That sweater looks great on you.

You and the sweater are gorgeous!

GREAT sweater, blondie!

Oh my... to have such a problem as what to wear in Italy.

Oh my, what EVER shall you do ?!

GORGE. I love.

oh my gawd. I must knit one! I even want to use the yarn you used. LOVE it!

**Very Cute!**

...and the sweater ain't bad either!

Love it, looks like a really comfy classic.

Yay! That looks fanTAStic on you. It's a perfect fit and a really classic look that you will wear for years and years. Can I ask about ease? I saw which size you chose but I wonder how much ease you figured in.

You are looking fabulous! And do take the sweater, European fall weather is perfect for wool.

It's wonderful and fits perfectly. You look gorgeous.
Fab !

p.s. your comments box is having a wobbly & will only let me write right at the bottom ! It'll be interesting to see how this publishes !

that's a great sweater. i love it. and it looks great.

Excellent fit, great color, and who's your hot model?!?!?

You are so cute! And your sweater's not too bad lookin either.

Is the sweater shaped or is it, er, um, just, well, you?

Looks lovely, by the way. Thumbs up, punkin!

I love it!!!!!!!! That's something I would totally wear.

LOVE IT. As other have said, the fit? Rocks.
And even though you won't need it in Venice, you'll get plenty of mileage out of it at home--it looks like a great weight for the Bay Area.

I ADORE that sweater! It is So going to be the next sweater I make. Beautiful job!

I love it, too! It looks GREAT on you, and the colour(s) -- so lovely.

Must ... have ... that ... sweater.

No, I mean that exact one. I'm too lazy to knit one for myself and besides, my brain is being eaten by Eris right now.

Um....that's....SO cute!! perfect for Europe??? Totally suits you!!

LOVE it!

I'm about done with the back on mine - just need to lay it out and measure it and figure out whether it's time for shoulders (or possibly past time for them), and that only took me about a week. Now I just need to get back to it. :O

That turned out great - and it looks so perfect on you.

I can see why--it looks fabulous!

Wow! Great sweater and it looks great on you, too. I'm thinking that you'll want a nice, warm sweater like that...anywhere near the water can be quite changeable, not to mention damp.

Love. It. I have several WIPs to whip through before I can even think about a new project.

That sweater is beautiful!

But you're right, it may be too warm to wear in Venice - here in Frankfurt/Germany, we have SUMMER in September!

That looks great! One of my favorite yarns, too...I can feel the wallet groaning already.

gorgeous! Take it with you....the planes are always freeezing ;)

Very, VERY, nice sweater cardigan! And don't trust long-term weather forecasts.

super super super cute!

Vurrrry nize indeed!

oh this is too weird... i was about to blog about how i'm almost done with that exact same sweater! yours looks awesome... what a nice incentive to carry on and finish up! i've got half a front and the hood to go.

Awesome sweater! It looks absolutely perfect on you!!

What a beautiful sweater! It fits your perfectly!!

So cute!
Have a great time on your trip

Holy Ass-crack!!!! That sweater is beautiful. You are one talented knitter. I'd bring the sweater to Venice anyway. It may be cool in the evening and what if the ac is blasting on the airplane?

wow, that's beautiful! And I'm happy to see it made up with the button band. I want to do this one too - I have some nice heathered grey alpaca for it - but I wasn't sure I liked the "hang open" look of the original, but wasn't sure how a button band would look.

Now I'm convinced - I'm doin' the button band.

Your minute = my 58 million years. The sweater is beautiful - and if you say it can truly be done by a "I'm scared of sweaters, give me a scarf knitters" I think it might have to be my first...gotta love a hoodie that fits.

That is really beautiful, and the finishing doesn't look like it would be heinous. I might have to give it a shot.


Very cute but I totally miss the Rachael pose!

Love this! You never cease to amaze me. I am trying my hand at my first ever lace shawl. So tell me...how many times am I going to have to rip this out before I get it right????


Beautiful! (you and the sweater too)

Yesterday's post gave me a very strong desire to wander around Lacis for hours (and eavesdrop). I don't get to go there nearly often enough or for enough time.

Travel clothes = layers. Venice is calling the sweater! And just think, if you fall in a canal, the wool will keep you from getting chilled.

That sweater is beautiful!! Great yarn choice! I bet this will be popping up all over blogland now.

Yowsa!!! How is it that you have managed to knit an absolutely stunning sweater before the magazine is even on the newstands in Canada? Not fair. Hopefully it really is a quick knit for all us non-time bending folk out there..I'm freezin' in Vancouver!


Oh WOW! This is the first completed one I've seen! It is fabulous! It looks great on you! Well done!

OMG! I so want to make that sweater and now that I've seen yours -- I'm doomed to be buying yarn shortly! SO PRETTY!

WOW! Could that be any more perfectly lovely, casual and simple yet refined, perfectly fitted and made with a HOOD? I'm in love...

Nice work!

wow! that's beautiful! in fact, i just went over to webs and bought 10 balls myself, in brown! i'll be making one too!

fantastic. I'm a fan of hoods and that one is just dandy.

You've made me decide to knit "central park hoodie" as my first sweater and cables!
One question, though - I've seen other CPH's and yours just seems to be the most beautiful. Did you increase the width of st st between the two front cables on both sides? Or perhaps the one I saw on craftster knit them closer together. I like yours best.
Thanks for the inspiration!

You are so gorgeous! Beautiful sweater, great fit! You are a knitting genius!

Gorgeous! Looks fab on you!

May I have a copy of the Central Park Hoodie pattern? I couldn't find that issue of KNITSCENE at the local bookstore.


Hi! May I have a copy of the CPH pattern too? I live in Finland and my Paypal doesn't work, I don't know why (and also the shipping costs are more than price of the magazine :\). Thank you beforehand and happy new knitting year =)

I looked everywhere for the cph pattern and couldnt find it at my bookstore. May I also have a copy of the CPH? Thanks


I'm also from Finland :) Same problems. May I also have a copy of CPH?

I just found your site and love the hoodie! I have been searching libraries and even ebay for the Fall 2006 edition, and I just can not find that pattern; is there anyway you might be able to forward it to me? I've tried so hard to find the magazine!!

Thank you,


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