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September 19, 2006

Have been for two days now in Venice, city of my heart. Lala is loving it, too, mostly because I only make her walk for about two city blocks before I make her sit down to drink something, coffee in the morning, wine and coffee in the afternoon, spritz and wine at night.

She had no idea I'd make her be so social -- two engagements yesterday, one yarn involved, of course. The weather is perfect, warm and just a little muggy -- we just missed days of rain, apparently.

I'd tell you more, but it's evening, and that means time for wine and aperol and maybe a little pasta. Then a little more walking, and falling into bed with tired feet and happy hearts. Love to you all. More when I'm home, will most likely post on Sunday.

Ciao ciao.


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You sound so happy. It's just pouring out of your note....hope you have a wonderful time.

Ah, Venice. You sound relaxed, happy, and content - what more could one ask for? Have a happy.

Sounds heavenly--enjoy!

Sounds so fantastic! Enjoy!

Sounds like heaven. Have a great time and best wishes to Lala and the Whoreshoes on their first international tour. I hope (know!) they kick ass!

I love reading post that just ooze the happiness the writer is feeling - continue having the best of times on your trip.

Sigh. Tears in eyes, yup. So happy it is so lovely for you- thanks for keeping us posted.

enjoy for all of us. hope you're taking a lot of pictures [that's a rather stupid comment, isn't it?]

we'll all be waiting to relive your trip when you get home.

Aye*, Ciao!

*It's Talk Like a(n)(Italian) Pirate Day, me hearty

Sigh. So romantic.

So glad you're there, having such a lovely time. Love to you both.

Love you too!

how idyllic, romantic, and wonderful! i love that idea... "tired feet and happy hearts." those are the best trips.

So jealous. You should check out La Taverna San Trovaso by the Accademia Bridge in Dorsoduro. It's a family restaurant--I used to date one of the owners/waiters. Excellent food, excellent prices, excellent people. Can't wait to hear more about your vacation.

Sounds so wonderful.


Hey! There's a whole blog here! I had only seen the finished objects part, how did that happen?

Glad to see your trip is so happy. :) I look forward to some photos and more about the yarn.

You make my heart ache for Italy. It's been years for me, but I must go SOON!!!

Non c'e' dubbio, Venezia e' semplicemente magnifica!

I'd love to go back and visit properly one day.

I was going to end this post with "Enjoy" but I really don't need to, you've been doing nothing else :)


pasta and walking and wine ,oh my.

I'm just catching up:
1. Your trips sounds lovely--have fun!
2. Your wife IS hot. All the best of the tour.
3. Your sweater is gorgeous. And the buttons are perfect.
4. Your universe seems pretty near perfect (especially with stash cashmere).


How gosh darn ROMANTIC !!

I used to live in Italy and at this point I would give my big toes to be able to go back !!

But then I wouldn't be able to wear my cool flip-flops...

You sound so happy! Your post brought a smile to my face. Can't wait to hear more. Enjoy!

***rapid happy clap***

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