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September 1, 2006

Holy COW am I sleepy.

Two things this early morning: One, if you're in the area of Tahoe this weekend, come see The Whoreshoes play the Sugarbowl Festival. Dude, they're playing with the likes of Ozomatli, and The Old Crow Medicine Show. Oh, yeah.

And two, yesterday I was at the dog park, right? Sitting on a chair, knitting, watching the dogs gambol. Something bit my neck, hard. I thought at first it was a wasp, but when I hit it away, it was a ladybug! Ladybugs bite? Quel horror!

I was offended that the old girl didn't remember how many times I'd talked her into going home and rescuing the kids.


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A ladybug bit David when he was like three years old and NO ONE WOULD BELIEVE HIM! Because we grown-up people knew that ladybugs don't bite, so he must have been confused...

Until a grownup was bitten by a ladybug about a month later. That boy had us begging his forgiveness for a year, and reminded people about it for a lot longer than that! ("It's like that time when nobody believed me about the ladybug...")

We told him that he must taste good, since they don't bite very many people, so maybe YOU taste good, too!


Those aren't ladybugs, ladybugs don't bite. The ones that bite are some sort of asian beetle, and they look just like ladybugs except that they are a deep orangey hue rather than the red we remember from when we were kids. They've only been found in North America since the early nineties (who knows how they got here), that's why we don't remember ladybugs ever biting when we were kids.

The Asian Lady Beetle can be distinguished from her non-biting cousin by the prominent M-shaped mark at the back of her head -- where a neck would be if she had one. Maybe the M stands for Mmmmm.

Those nasty beetles always come out around here (Kansas) in the fall - and somehow I get them in my office. Gaa.

Actually, ladybugs will bite a human, if they are despearte for salts. It's more likely that you were bitten by an Asian ladybug - actually, they probably were just sampling you. Consider it a good omen, eh?

Perhaps it was payback for all those years of telling her that her house was on fire and her children will burn. I know I'd get a little pissed if people kept telling me that and I flew home in a panic only to find the house & kids just fine. It would make it damn hard to get any errands done too. heh heh

Wow, an entomology lesson before breakfast! Sounds like an amazing show.

I took my bichon to the dog run a couple of months ago and I, not my dog, brought home a dog tick. It was stuck to my head until I felt a weird lump on my hair. I had a hard time pulling it out. When I finally did, the bugger had a piece of my epidemis with him. So I preceed to put in on a sink and set it on fire - my form of revenge. Haven't been to the dog run since.

Sigh - I'm going to Tahoe (gettin' married - whee!) but not until late October! The show sounds like it will be lots of fun and good times, though!

and those so called ladybugs also really smell.
they get in our bedroom and fall on the pillow, but luckily I usually get the smell before the bite.

[[[[[[[freaking out from Hooney's story and the rapid transition from laughing at Pam's comment to feeling my hair suddenly filled with imaginary creepycrawly ravenous bloodsuckers]]]]]]]]

Ladybugs will burn you if you squish them (an evolutionary adaptation), but they are not capable of biting people. Their mouths aren't made like that.

I have no idea why I know this.

BTW, I used your "Virtual PCH" pics to lure my husband into driving down the coast a bit this weekend! Fengari, here I come....

You people ARE FREAKING ME OUT with your tales of flesh-eating ladybugs!

Oh God! Now my skin is crawling! I hate beetles with a passion the likes of which some may never know. They are crunchy. Bleh.

Yeah, we called them Chinese Beetles, when I was younger. And it hurt's when they bite, huh?

Sucks that Bex has to work early Sunday morning. I lurve Ozomatli, and, of course, the Whoreshoes. And Bex, when she was growing up, went to church in Upstate New York with one of the guys from The Old Crow Medicine Show. We'd so love to see them play. What a crazy small freakin world it is. Durn it!

And now I don't know whether or not to believe in ladybug bites.

I may have been hating them for years for no reason.

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