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Just a smackerelSeptember 28, 2006

of Venice for you today. (Sorry they're lo-res -- best I can do from where I am.)

Don't you love the scenery in Venice?


So you think about it.

You glance at it.

You glance away.

You look back, looking harder.

You think, why, that looks just like.....



A cruise ship. Wow.

Hey, I'm knitting Italian yarn! Thought you should know. I'm making another Debbie Bliss Lara, because I loved the last one so much -- what incredible construction instructions! -- and I finished that super-quick cashmere one. I even took pictures, although it may take me a while to get the pics up. Still want to finish telling you about the trip, and I'm working too much to do so right now. But soon, dearest-darlings.

Now, shut your eyes. It's 0441hrs, and you should be sleeping.


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I know I'd be sleeping if I weren't working the night shift! Taking a few minutes to catch up on the knitting blogs. Love the Venice pics!

How weird. Though I remember seeing cruise ships in Venice, it didn't occur to me at first -- in the first picture all I could think of was that Venice was inexplicably building a large modern convention center.

hehe... I definitely remember what it was like from when I lived near there :)

and I finally picked the needles back up (though still kind of ehi on most of it) and guess what I am knitting... Lara :)

Guess I still got taste at least!

Um... that cruise ship just freaked me out. It's like a building just floated by. Weird.

Hah! The cruise ship is taller than the houses!

Love the Winnie the Pooh reference! Venice is so lovely. I'm always on edge waiting for your next post with pics!

PS That's a great pic of you diving for stash in the store window! ;-)

Boy, I wish I was in Venice right now...

haha that cruise ship there is so funny.

What did you eat there in Venice? For those of us who are food obsessed (and fabulous cooks). . .

I still remember meals I had 15 years ago when I went to Italy.

It's so crazy how that big ol' bathtub of a boat dwarfs the wee city.

I must go to Venice before it sinks! (I was only in Rome and a little bit of Tuscany and Genoa) You've convinced me. Next year it'll be one of my vacation trips.

How is the rest of La's Euro-tour going? I remember that I loved Amsterdam (and not for obvious reasons).

Ah the Venice pix are so gorgeous. Makes me want to go back and eat gelato.

I used to live in a flat on the Thames (which was as glamorous as it sounds! those were the days...) and had a fabulous view of traffic on the river. Garbage boats, yachts, dragon boat races. And every now and then a big damn cruise liner would pass by - it was just like watching an office block take a stroll up the road. Thanks for reminding me of that time!

Thanks for the great travelogue. Not as good as being there, but enough to make me want to go there.

Hope this week isn't too rough on you.

OK, so I looked at that second picture and thought, "Why is an AIRPLANE going by?" Heavens to Betsey, thank god it was a cruise ship!

Hey Rach,

I LOVE the pictures of Venice. Thanks for posting them! (I have a thing for European cities)

OK, OK, you've convinced me. We've gotta go to Venice. (But Rome rocks.)

I seriously feel like I'm there with you. Except for the whole having to go to work everyday thing. ;-) Great pics!

Great photos! I was last in Venice as a small child - don't recall any cruise ships at that time.

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