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New Knitty! September 11, 2006

The patterns that have me hooked:

Intolerable Cruelty. Almost too sexy to knit. Certainly too sexy to wear. Therefore, I must have it. Seriously. I don't even know if I have the cojones to wear it, but I think I do.

Lizard Ridge
. Brilliant. Something to do with that Kureyon that you have leftover, that you love. And you might need more.

I've done more in the last two hours than I normally do at this time of day -- paid bills, pulled things together for Europe, et-set-era, and I usually sleep till this time on my days off. So I win! Bethany is coming over to go on a hike with me and Clara, and then maybe I'll just sit around and knit. Hooray! Now go read more Knitty.


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Fall Knitty is *pretty darn* awesome!

If I were 10 years younger and a whole lot lighter I'd give IC a try but reality says better to live vicariously through Rachel ;)

I wanted the sweater from the IC pattern--I don't do knit skirts! I liked Ivy, Serrano, and Avast, personally...

Do it girl! That skirt is HOT... put some curves in it, and DAMN!!!

I am foaming at the mouth over Serrano. I should probably finish the three sweaters I already have in progress though.

OK, who am I kidding? It's more like seven sweaters. I have a serious case of the startitis.

I totally want to knit Intolerable Cruelty too. Let's!!!

I agree about Intolerable Cruelty. I've blogged twice about it already. I think its quite modest really but devastatingly sexy too ;)

I just ordered yarn for Intolerable Cruelty. My plan is to see if I can send my fiancees into heart palpitations.

i love lizard ridges. it has my name written all over it.

i'm way too fat for intolerable cruelty -- for me to wear that would be cruel.


1. You do.

2. I stared at Lizard Ridge for what seemed like hours. Too beautiful for words. However, I cannot see myself buying the 21 (21!!!) balls of Kureyon needed to make it. That doesn't mean I won't visit the picture on a frequent basis. Or print it out and tape it up over my bed.

I love this issue. Best in a long time. And you would look hot in that skirt.

Intolerable Cruelty caught my eye, too. What's intolerably cruel, though, is too much knitting and too little time.

I adore Lizard Ridge. Maybe when I hit the lottery, I can actually afford to make it....

I actually like two or three of the patterns, which surprised me. I'm wondering if the Lizard Ridge could end up being pillows or something; I'd never spend $200 for a throw ...

If only every blanket in my apartment wasnt immediately covered with dog hair I would knit the Lizard Ridge. But given that it is... well, I just couldn't do that to defenseless kureyon.

Count me in on the Lizard Ridge love - that is a seriously gorgeous pice of work. I'm planning on buying 3 or 4 balls of Kureyon at a time and letting serendipity do its thing!

I'm not sure if Intolerable Cruelty would describe how long it would take me to knit that skirt or how bad an idea it would be to broadcast my ass in such an obvious Yo-Here's-My-Ass kind of way...

I am, however, going to knit it anyway. I hate knit skirts. This one's different. Bombshells away, baby.

I heart me some lizard ridge....and IC!

hi, LOVE your blog!

if you are interested, i started a knitalong to do intolerable cruelty - go HERE to join.

cheers, velma

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