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September 9, 2006

Oooh, do you ever just have the urge to blog, and you sit there, doing whatever you're doing (in my case, being at work, trying not to laugh at someone who called for medical on an allergic reaction to latex while at a hotel -- what do you think they were doing?), and you're thinking all these smart funny thoughts, things that make you happy, things that you want to share, and then you sit down to blog and there's nothing there?

When that happens to me, I make a list:

  • I am deeply in love with green lately. I finished a hella cute sweater yesterday, but I haven't had time to put on buttons yet. You'll see it soon. It's the best, lightest color of drying grass.
  • I started a new sweater imMEEJiatly (the Sienna Cardigan from the latest IK), also in green, but this green is deep and rich, and yo, it's cashmere from the stash. Stash cashmere. There aren't two finer words that go together, are there? It's from a cone I bought in New York from School Products more than two years ago, and I think it's time.
  • I've learned that when I'm deeply grumpy there are things I should try.
    • Stand in front of a fan. I may be hot and may be in denial. Just go stand in front of a fan and see what happens.
    • Knit with cashmere. Seriously, it sounds like a silly thing to help the grumps, something light and fluffy to say in a blog post, but earlier today I was in a horrid mood, and the cashmere knitting was like a good therapy session. I can't explain why. It just Is.
  • I was in a bad mood because of HOA woes (which are much better and much more deal-able now, thank you, although still rather prickly) but mostly because I got to see Lala for literally twelve minutes today. And that's better than during the week. I do not exaggerate. Usually, during the work week, I only see her when I get into bed and she's getting out, about ten minutes or so. And know what? That grumps me OUT, something that when looked at from a distance, actually makes me happy. I've never lived with anyone, never felt this for anyone. That want to see someone, that need to just breathe the same air, to just hang out in the kitchen and talk. And more than two years later, it's just getting more like this. It's really a fine reason to be grumpy.

That's a long enough list. It's my Friday, thank god, and I have a date with La tomorrow night. Hooray. Tuesday, I get to see Marie (of KnitCast fame) and her husband, coming all the way from Wales to Oakland. Well, I suppose she's coming because they love San Francisco like I love Venice, but I'm stealing them and I'm going to introduce them to Zachary's Pizza in Oakland.

And then less than a week from now, we leave for Europe! I have nothing ready to go! Haven't got out a single bag, haven't looked for the voltage converter. Dude. This is not like me. But I like it.

Okay. Back to knitting with cashmere. Oh, yes. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, whatever you're doing.


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I love what you said about wanting to be with Lala. It is a sign of a the best kind of marriage, one that gets better every day. I love happy relationship stories. Thank you.

Yayy for good things to be grumpy about. Yay for green (my favorite color), and yay for stash cashmere (stashmere?).

Dude, you are going to feed them Zacharys and then send them half way around the world, where there is no Zacharys? Cold, cold, cold. Funny I was telling somebody about Zacharys just yesterday- it has been 12 years since I have had any and I MISS it.

I can't believe your trip is less than a week away! Yipee! I remember when you got that cashmere...I wondered if it was the recycled cashmere! :)

You're dining out with Marie??? Man, you DO know the best people. Have fun then :)

This is your version of *I got nuthin"???
You are just the best damn WRITER I know.
Thousand words a day baybee...
keep that going and you'll have LOTS more than twelve minutes a day for LOVE.
just sayin'.
you aren't PACKED? No lists? Good lord woman, where is the RACH we know and love?

I am so word-challenged that I can't update my dinky blog for over 2 months. I make mental notes (and I do mean mental in the Grimley-est way) but they never seem to make it to the keyboard. I am inspired by your ability to keep us entertained, touched and informed, all at the same time (stash cashmere! green sweaters!). That and pictures of Clara.

Ohh--I like your post today! Everything from knitting with cashmere to introducing a great knitting podcaster to Zachary's! I can't wait to see your new sweater

Damn, I wish I could come hang out with you. You know how to get rid of the grumps like no one I know :-)

I'm a green girl myself (one of my best colors). And green cashmere? Oh yeah....

RE: Grumpiness: When I find myself getting really cranky, I have learned to stop and ask, "when did I eat last?". Low blood sugar can make me very snippy, as Teh Husband has leaned from bitter experience.

YARN! I was at YARN! YARN! is going out of business. I know you will need something cool to knit on the trip...and they have LIGHTED NEEDLES. Needles. WITH LIGHTS. They have little batteries AND THEY LIGHT UP. (Can you tell that I live in a really little town?)

Then I saw the Harlot in Los Altos (very far away from Union Square). That place has BABY ALPACA. Seriously. You need to go.

hope your weekend was full of cashmere, and lala, and maybe some more cashmere, and some more lala, and did i mention... :)

I read "stand in front of a fan" as "stand in front of a man". I was really, REALLY confused....

What a good reminder about knitting with wonderful fibers.

I understand when things are just so busy that you don't have the time you'd like to be the person you love. Kinda going through that right now. So busy but happy that I want to be with this person.

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