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September 30, 2006

The Whoreshoes continue to take Belgium and Holland by storm:


I don't know who took these, but these pics are great, aren't they? What a hot banjo player they have.


Camilla IS that cute.



Ain't they just the cutest?

I can tell you, though, I'm ready for Lala to get home. I'm suddenly this single mother to all these animals. Poor things, I'm gone for 15 hours at a time at work, and then when I get home, I go to bed. They've really done remarkably well for all that. Only one shredded newspaper so far, and one Miss Idaho accident. I expected worse. Now that I've said that, when I get home, I'm sure I'll find worse. Yipes.


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That's an amazing photo of Lala there. Really captures how much she loves doing what she does.

Great pix indeed! Looks like fun and I'm glad you got to go for the first part of the trip. Don't work too hard...easy to say I know.

awww... very cute!
good luck with the single motherhood... my cats are always deeply unsatisfied with my poor efforts when the boy is away. what do to-- i work in an office, he works at home. lucky them.

Pictures are great. 15 hours is a long time.....

Those are some amazing b&w photos.

What are the odds the Whoreshoes might get to play a gig at (or around) the MDS&W in '07?

I think the Whoreshoes should come play in Vancouver.

And those pictures rock.

And if I have to work one. more. hour. this week someone's going to get hurt. Likely me. So yeah, I know where you're at, baby.

That picture of Lala is great. The smile, the shine, it looks like she's laughing.

And thanks for the words over at my place. You brought a tiny tear. The good kind.

This knitblog world has gotten so big, that it feels too easy to just get lost in it.

But I'm not lost. I know this, in part, because you said what you said.

Get some rest.
Herd some fur.


The Whoreshoes should CLEARLY play in Athens, GA. Those pics are awesome.

And right after that they need to come to Tucson, but you have to come with.

Wow, those are amazing photos. They look like Paris-in-the-20s jazz portraits. Lala looks cute as all get out too!

Emily is right; the b & w photography is such a delicious retro touch. That type of photography gives a more boho feel than color. Great shots!

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