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Hey, there, SugarbowlSeptember 5, 2006

Welp, the music festival was fun. The Whoreshoes rocked out, but they weren't well attended, being the first band of the day at 1pm. But those who were there loved 'em. Old Crow Medicine Show were fabulous, very tight. Ozomatli were also tight, but by then I'd had a visual migraine that very shortly turned into the real-deal migraine (they've never happened together, and it was a very weird, very painful migraine, so that was unpleasant) so I went out on the field and just stayed in one spot until Lala brought me cotton-candy. Hey, it didn't hurt the migraine, and certainly made ME happy. The sponsors set us up right, though, with plenty of free food and beer and candy, and I got all the benefits of being in the band without having to do anything but carry a case or two.


They are all so damn cute, really. New CD! Out soon! And it's rad, you'll love it. I'll let you know when it's available.


The Old Crow boys had an emergency with their bass (read: broken) so they restrung Diana-of-the-Whoreshoes's bass, which was pretty cool. Sounded great, too. As seen here:


The Dyl-pickle god-baby man-child future-rockstar ate as many All Access passes as he could. Start 'em early, we say.

For once, he's not looking at my chest. Up here! Eyes up here!

Note his CASH guitar bib. From us, yep.


He danced all day. Really.

And then there was this cutie:


End report. I'm off to sew, perhaps. Or read. Or watch TV and knit. It's a Day Off, and I'm doing nothing responsible. Good thing, too, since it's almost 1pm and this is all I've done today.....


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Your junior (silly Canuck, I want to spell it juniour) pickle man is scrumptious.

True confession, one of my favourite (ah, that's better) movie characters is the pickle man from 'Crossing Delancey'. Huge crush on Peter Reigert . . .


Yay, new album! I want to know when the T-shirts are coming...

Bring on a new album, I've to an ipod slot ready! Enjoy the day off.

Dyl-pickle is the cutest kid ever!

I call my 16 year old 5 ft 9 football playing nephew Dyl-Pickle...does not always go over well...ahh when he was as little as yours

Great report! We wished we could have been there. It would have been a lot better than the weekend I had: misbehaving dogs and petty domestic squabbles.

Can't wait for the new CD; won't be soon enough.

That's the right kind of day to have - one where you're doing nothing responsible. Matter of fact, stay in your pjs, just try to beat my record of 57 hours...

Um, Dyl-pickle? Is the CUTEST BABY EVER. I mean, after my nephew, which is understood, but DAMN he's a close second.

And coming in third is you playing with Dylan. Precious!

i am just going to echo your earlier comments and say wow! dyl pickle is really, really cute. and the pictures of y'all two together are just adorable. (note: "y'all two": southern specificity) :)

Rach you should let LaLa know that it would be a great idea to put The Whoreshoes up on Myspace so the rest of us can enjoy their lovely sound. I think it would be great!!!!

disregard my last post....Hiding head in shame I found them!!!

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