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Big NewsOctober 17, 2006

The Whoreshoes new album, Get Lucky, is available NOW!

Now really, the first album which was more like a demo, it was good. Cute. I would have liked it, had I heard it without knowing the band.

But this second one, and I mean this, is objectively awesome. If you like bluegrass/honky-tonk/old-time/country, you'll love it. I would love this album even if I weren't married to the banjo/lap-steel player (but I am, and thank goodness). Lala wrote two songs on the album, Race to the Bottom, which is a sad, sad story about drinkin' (can you imagine?) and Blue Skies, which is always getting stuck in my head, which is unfortunate because then I sing it out loud, and apparently I don't sing it right. But anyway. I love those songs.

And Camilla wrote one called New Men in My Life that has arguably the best line of any drinkin' song out there today. You'll know the one I mean.

So go on over to CDBaby and click on a couple of the samples if you need any more convincing. And tell 'em I sent you.

*And they get a plug from Maia! Yay!


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We had a great time at the CD release show. I took some pictures, but they all turned out looking like an acid trip. I guess I don't have enough experience photographing moving people in dark places (stop that smutty thinking!). I posted a couple here: http://maiaspins.typepad.com/maiaspins/2006/10/whoreshoes.html.

Anyway, it was a great show and the CD is fabulous. Three cheers for the Whoreshoes!

Finally! Bill will be thrilled. If their first one had been an LP, I think he would've worn it through. (I loved it, too!) Off I go to order...

Got it. It will be interesting to see what the locals here in Afghanistan think of it. :-)

It is out of stock.

I suppose I should be glad that both copies sold, but still ...


Tell Lala not to give me that look. I'm tougher than she is. And I'll buy it when it's back in stock iffen she'll autograph it.

if this CD is better than the first one, that means it's crazy good! cha-ching, already got it on order!!

My Two Year Old is rocking out in the living room to Blue Skies.

He like the little castaneta like horse hoof melody and is just bouncing off the walls :)

Gonna get the new CD, the old one is in rotation on the Nano already.

Wow, you married a rock star. Lucky.

Clearly I am too retarded to order online and I was looking at the old CD. That, or the new one sold out for the 6 minute period in which I was perusing the site.


But, I have also managed to order a copy and I'll like, eat humble pie in public or something.

(I'm still tougher than Lala, though.)

I listened to the little test-drive tracks, and our newborn smiled. Then, our almost-three-year-old came in and started dancing to it. So, you've got some fans over here.

Okay, I ordered it. I put your blog for Where I Heard About It, but I should have given credit to all your commenters for tempting me to actually take a listen (Rabbitch you crack me up!). I was sold on the first song.

incredible CD! yes, I ordered it. thanks

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