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October 3, 2006

But I suppose it's good she didn't fly out last night. Reader Sara sent me this link:

What They Call Weather Out There.

Now, I'm off to the airport, to see if Lala really will land, 3:30pm, almost 24 hours after originally planned, more than 48 hours after she left Belgium... Poor sick thing. Will keep you posted.


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Ya know, I moved from Chicago to Tucson 3 years ago. The storms there can be vicious and should always be taken seriously. Better you get Lala home, sick, than not get her home at all.

Ohhh, hope she gets back this afternoon and gets well soon. BLEH.

ugh. international delays are the WORST. especially when you're so close to home...

Good luck with the homecoming. I will cross my fingers for you!
And DAMN, am I now feeling glad that for my trip next week I chose the route through Dallas instead of O'Hare...

Yes that is what we call weather here in the midwest. Get Lala home get her some tea keep her warm and let her rest. Sending healing get better soon energies to her and you since you will be taking care of her.

Poor Lala. Hope she's home by now, in warm clothes and getting some rest.

The delay may not have been totally caused by the weather. Once when I was returning to the U.S. from New Zealand, I was delayed for hours in L.A. There was a big ice storm in Dallas that day and the plane we were to take to St. Louis was coming out of there. Naturally, it was delayed. Then when it got there, the crew which was to fly it to St. Louis couldn't because they had been on duty for too many hours. Eventually, another crew which still had hours to work came and took the plane and us poor weary folks to St. Louis.

OK, I looked at the link and I'm GLAD they delayed the plane. I know you want her back in one piece, sick though she may be. Lala, get well soon!

I hope you're reunited soon! And I thank you for bringing the adjective "janky-assed" into my life. :)

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