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Debunked! October 25, 2006

Thanks to Lala (who said, Darn) and a couple of dear readers (thank you!), the vegemite myth has been debunked. Vegemite is still legal. We can all breathe easier. And tastier.

And thank you ALL for your wonderful compliments on Pumpkin Spook. Yay!


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Hooray for vegemite! (I've never actually tried it, but still...liberty and justice and all that). I do love the sweater. You are very talented and very quick!

I cannot even imagine what it tastes like - and I am usually good at figuring out tastes before I actually taste it. Oh well when I saw the fact it was false I actually jumped with joy for you -- sorry Lala (does it smell too?)

shhhhhhhhh. I just signed up for Nanowrimo.
Why do I suddenly want to crawl back under the covers and cower?
Oh. It's still dark out.
Must go sharpen pencils....
Thanks for the Inspiration!

Thats a relief..
I was just about to jump off the face of the earth..

Hey, is this blog made through MOvable Type?

The sweater looks great! It would totally be cute as a cardi. And happy to hear about the vegemite! In other news, you and Lala have to come to NJ now and get married here, too! :)

Oh, thank goodness! Vegemite is an essential ingredient in my recipe for vegetarian haggis, and it wouldn't be Burns Night without it!

Whew! No angry knitter protest needed now!

Long time reader, not much of a poster, but I have a question for you. I know that at some point in time you mentioned that you crochet your seams together, or at least some of them. I am desperately seeking a tutorial on how to do this properly. My attempt didn't go so well.
Thanks in advance!
Love the blog, dogs and, of course, Lala!

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