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Friday NightOctober 6, 2006

Okay, even if you're not sick, go read those comments from my last post. They will make you want to get on the couch and Be Comforted. Seriously, just reading them warms my heart. For a moment I forgot I wasn't the sick one. Lala is. But she's much better now, thanks for the good thoughts.

Me, I'm going into Alleve territory, and girls, I think you know what I mean. Only naproxen helps, and unfortunately, driving to work, I realized I had forgotten to bring ANY ONE of the no less than five bottles in our medicine cabinet. This is why we have so many bottles -- I always forget to bring them when I need them. I pulled over at the Sevey (7-Eleven) and bought another seventy-three dollar (or thereabouts) emergency bottle. Gonna be a long night.

But I'm now prepared. One of the good things about working 911 on midnight shift is sometimes you're fully staffed and it's slow. Which means you get to knit. I've been knitting up a storm, yo. I'm about to finish another Debbie Bliss Lara (with yarn from Venice), and I've finished the second green cardie this month (will show you soon) and I finished earlier this week a red silk/cashmere (Karabella) stole for my sister who's going to be a maid-of-honor and therefore needs something gorgeous for her pain. I mean, really. We chose to have no one stand up with us when we got married, because I didn't want the Drama of the Bridesmaid's Dress. Screw that. We just wanted people to come and have a good time. But if a bride wants the big fandangle, then bless her. And the maid-of-honor should have a nice stole. Yep.


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Hooray for the Maid of Honor and her stole!

Glad she's feeling better. And, just so you know (though it seems like I remember that you want to leave the baby-having up to others), my unbearable monthly troubles ended with my first pregnancy. Since then, I no longer have the many symptoms I always had before.

Oh, and about bride's maid dresses: I went to a friend's wedding where she chose the color (a nice lavender) and there were several styles from with the bride's maids could chose the one that best suited them. Her hope was that, if they ever had a nice occasion for it, they could actually not be embarrassed to use them again. It's nice people are starting to do that now.

I try and keep little toolboxes in my car, home and work which contain the essentials (Alleve, feminine products, brush, mini deodorant, ,...) and that is pretty good.

And as much as I have loved both my bridesmaids dresses I never wore them again. It is really tough if you don't go to events that require that type of clothing.

You can buy naproxen at 7-11 there? We need a prescription for it here. Dude, I'm moving to your neighbourhood, be scared.

As for your wedding, just be glad I showed up in clothes, even though the jacket had some sort of suspicious stain on it. My other choices were worse...

Glad Lala's feeling better!

We also chose to have no attendants--but then, my brother did the ceremony, my dad was our photographer, I made the wedding cupcakes, and there were a total of eleven people there, including myself and my groom. No room for dress drama there! :)

Alleve, eh? That stuff does NOTHING for me. May as well take a jellybean for all the good it does (actually, that sounds like a good idea...). Now Advil and it's ilk, that's the stuff for the Girly Issues for me. Body chemistry is a weird and wonderful thing.
Glad to hear Lala is feeling better!!

good for you for not inflicting the bridesmaid dress on anyone. i did it to my 3 ladies, but they were really pretty :) seriously-- i did try, they were all different colors, and participant-approved. my one bridesmaid experience was in shimmery pink silk. ugh. immediately upon arriving at the reception, i collided with a waiter with a tray of champagne glasses and the dress was destroyed.

Hope you're feeling ok. I'm the same way about excedrin migraine - bottles of it everywhere.

I plan to avoid the Drama of the Bridesmaid Dress by telling each of my girls to pick out their own, in black. That way they get something that fits their own style and budget and can hopefully be work again (or is already in their closet!), and I get to be lazy and avoid making decisions.

Oh, Dress Dramas. I was embroiled in three of them within a six-month period, and right when I was starting a PhD program. Bhaaah! Talk about people being unclear on the concept of priorities.

For our wedding, we had my husband's son and his wife stand up for us, in whatever they wanted to wear. Solved the other drama of Choosing a Maid of Honor When Several Expect The Position.

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