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October 28, 2006

People! What is UP? You don’t write fast enough. I went through my bloglines and read everything (you know how to do that, right? Click where it says the number of feeds you have, and they all fill in – make sure you have either the time to read them all or else the stomach for skimming) and now everything is cleared out and you aren’t WRITING. What is up? You have something better to do on Saturday night? Besides keeping me entertained while I’m at work, working not twelve hours, but thirteen because of the stupid time change? Out gallivanting? Huh? Huh?

I suppose I understand. Fun-havers, all of you. 

But now that I’m thinking about fun, and because I care, I will now share with you:


The Yes Man, by Danny Wallace

It is so good that I finished it on the airplane coming back from Europe, didn’t have another one on me because apparently I had no brain cells at ALL, and just started reading it again from the beginning.

Funny? Oh, my GOD, is it funny. A Londoner, Danny Wallace is living in a funk after a breakup, hiding under his covers and not going out. A guy on a bus tells him to say yes more, and it’s A Revelation. He says yes to EVERYTHING after that for an entire year. Everything. Not some things. But everything. It’s amazing where in the world one can end up if one says yes to every question posed.

Also, he’s just a good guy. A nice, funny, sweet, bumbling, enthusiastic goofball – the kind that I’d shoot darts with in a bar and end up taking him home and making him spaghetti. (By that I mean spaghetti, you dirty-minded Saturday-night fun-having people.) 

And it’s more than just a funny read. Might just change the way you look at the world. It’s a happy, hopeful, wonderful read, and you will love it. I mean it.


Do NOT read the back of the damn book. The publisher placed, like, the WORST spoiler ever on the back. If you read the back of the book, you will learn something big, something that you should NOT know until the last few pages. On my copy, I’ve blacked out the offending phrase. If you buy the book, put a cover on it if you can’t help stealing peeks. It’s important, I swear. I don’t read backs of books, so I didn’t know, but Lala did, and she was sad about it. Simon Spotlight Publishers, take note. That sucks.

(Oh my god, I originally linked to Powells, because it’s independent, but they have the same spoiler! Don’t read it! So I linked to Amazon, but you should really call your local bookstore, instead. Yes, that’s it. Then have THEM sharpie out the text on the back for you. I’m not kidding. Plus, having worked in a bookstore for years, I would have loved to do that.)


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sleeeeping....not having fun and not writing ;)
but YAY for a fun book about saying YES...I'll go right into the village and buy it and hand the clerk (who reminds me SO of Bethany) a SHARPIE and she will GRIN and GRIN!
I always love your book recomendations...
whatcha knittin?

Working an extra hour because of the time change, that really sucks! Thanks for the book reccomendation and the tip about not checking the back. Somehow this sounds like it might make a great movie. I meant to tell you, that you are like a human knitting machine. You are just magically producing one gorgeous sweater after another! It is very inspiring.

I will most definitely look that book up when I've finished with the group on my bedside table (a re-read of Gaudy Night and a new one - The Historian).

I guess my photo-infused post really wasn't wordy enough to keep you amused for long, eh? ;-)

I'm glad you can still manage to post! I have been swamped by life, not by fun, and haven't posted in 6 weeks or so. I'm still knitting, and mentally posting to the blog, but can't seem to manage the real-world taking of photos, posting of links, etc.

well, i am off to post right now! :) thanks for the book recommendation! it's been that kind of time when the Serious Reading i've got is not appealing... i need something that will make me *laugh*!

Last night I came home quite drunk (someone brought Jello shots to the party) and I almosted posted. It would've been hilarious, if I could only have figured out how to work the damn computer.

Aha! Non-blogger that I am, I TOTALLY escape the wrath of Rach boredom. There are definite advantages to this. :o)

I couldn't imagine reading blogs without bloglines, I hope it never goes away (and stays free).

Seriously, I am now dying to read the back cover of that book. Gaaaaaaah.

Well, reading this entry was the first clue I had that the time had changed....just call me clueless. One year we were an hour late bringing our daughter to school because we were (apparently) the only losers in town who didn't know. How bad is that?

BUT if you were so bored, you COULD have left me a comment. Don't start with me, girl.

Hehe, I was at Rocky Horror Picture Show, but it's not like I currently have a blog you could have read anyways, nor would you have known to because I rarely comment. But I know how you feel when people won't write in their blogs and you are bored, dammit! Anyways, thank you for recommending that book-- I am always looking for fun new stuff to read and it just went on my list. And the warning about the spoiler, so essential!

Do you need more blogs to read? You can come read mine.

I was working, not having fun! Hope I get a pass!

Thanks for the book suggestion. I'm off to my library website to request it, and I won't read the back of the book, promise!


I'll check it out. I love funny. I NEED funny too, since last night I went to bed at ten or eleven with Cormac McCarthy's new book, _The Road_ and couldn't stop reading it. It's beautiful, but a horror. Like Faulkner meets 28 Days Later.
Funny would be good.

Sorry I haven't posted in close to a week(not that you read me, but still). Thanks for the book link. It sounds like a great book. I'm off to request it from my library.

Hey, it's Sunday morning - migraine day today, went for a morotcycle ride after meds kicked in but now headache is back.

Something that causes migraines is reading the backs of books. I try to never do it, since it usually involves something that happens in chapter 4 or 5. Since your delightful recommendation of Miss Garnet's Angel, I will certainly read The Yes Man. Right now I'm reading "Bust" which was listed in the Hard Case category at Amazon - very Micky Spillane-ish and a fun read. Also re-reading Stranger in a Strange Land and it's brutal. What I once thought was clever and forward thinking (back in 1969) is so wordy and overbearing I can barely stand it, but I'll finish it, dammit.

I have an excuse. I was at work 9 hours not 13. I also have not been posting because I have been in and out of the ER for the past month. Last trip bought me and all expense paid trip to the hospital and endoscopy room. No fun.
Not knitting or doing Soduko much either.

That sounds like a great book, and thanks for the tip!!

yea...new book to read....(off to library)

The book? Sound like a HOOT. I will def. look out for it, possibly for my own upcoming plane trip next week....
BTW, my parents returned from Venice today, and they are clearly smitten. :-)

M used to complain BITTERLY about having to work 13 hours instead of 12, because he got paid for 12. It did not seem to bother him nearly as much to get paid for 12 when working 11 in the spring, however. And given his start and end dates, I think he came out ahead...

I was in Seattle, having fun and being ambushed and getting lost and almost getting killed by a car.

Blame Ryan. Apart from the killing and stuff.

Damn publishers. But seriously, if you want more blog posts *teehee* I can barely keep up myself, there's a NaNoBloMo movement to encourage people to post EVERY day. Thought you'd care to know.
Damn bloggers.

I promise not to read the back of the book in this case. Now I have an itch to find this book and break my new vow. But if you don't read the back of books in general, how do you figure out if it looks like something that will interest you? Do you go soley by recommendations? What about the inside of the book jacket for hardbacks?

Comments? ya want comments... well here ya go... The weekend in Reno was FABU, I declared an "no yard work weekend" and sat on my deck and knitted (and ripped) for hours, let the leaves lay (lie, stay!) where they had fallen and enjoyed every minute! Saturday night took an aging Queen with a shoe fetish to match my own to see Marie Antionettte which was beautiful....Sunday... more deck time and desperate for a good read....at a loss, so pulled Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, again....
running out to find "The Yes Man" ,
will not read the back cover and will get back to you.....Currently having Chili Relleno (Dona Thomas) fantasies............Time change totally messes with my brain.....

You got me; I was in Las Vegas partying my a** off for my best friend's bachelorette party. I didn't take the laptop with me because it's my work computer (if I lost it, hell to pay) and I was afraid I might blog something while drunk in the wee sma's.

Dude. My husband reads my blog. Did you really want to get me in that much trouble? :)

I was so excited to go get a new book yesterday that I went straight to a bookstore after I read your post. After some searching, I found the book, looked at the pretty cover, and then TURNED IT OVER AND READ THE BACK. I am a total idiot! It's amazing what an automatic reaction it is to read the back. I blame it on being tired, but I am very mad at myself for being so spacey. Grumble.

Hey Rachael - what is UP? You haven't updated since the 28th? What about MY amusement? Where are the photos of you and Lala and the dogs in festive Halloween gear?

Chop, chop!! ;-)

I know how you love Venice; my husband and I may be going to Italy for up to a year for his job-(wow!). Can you recommend any great books you may have read on what the real Italy is like? Not the typical "go see" touristy things, but real-life stuff like how to order an espresso, social etiquette, etc. When my husband mentioned the possiblity, the first person I thought of was you...anything you can pass on that you enjoyed reading?

dude, what is up? you haven't posted since saturday! what do you expect me to read!!! :)


You've started writing your novel, right?

Just checking.

You've started writing your novel, right?

Just checking.

You've started writing your novel, right?

Just checking.

Hi Rachael- I am gonna go order that book - I am always looking for a book recomendation. have to order from Amazon though as I live in Germany and independent book stores that sell English books are ..well.. rare. I totaly (how California is that?) enjoyed reading your blog. I too, am a book addict, love to knit and wear hand knit socks, adore Oakland, and, of course, am named Rachael. Pretty twee.

Just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed reading your blog (I havent read it all yet!) especially the awesome pics of Italy where my family is from. Someday I will visit and maybe I'll see you in the yarn store! Going back to read some more...

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