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Pumpkin SpookOctober 24, 2006

A new finished object (or two)! I swear, I can't finish a sock to save my life lately, but the sweaters are falling off the needles.

Wait! Let's set the mood. In honor of spookiness, with Halloween just around the corner, does THIS scare you?


No? You want more light? Okay, I get that. A rather blurry Rachael:


Pattern: None, just used Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting without Tears, using her seamless hybrid suggestions (Brooklyn Tweed reminded me of this sweater with his fantastic version). I threw in a cable I found in a book somewhere (I think it was Walker, but I can't swear to this) on the sleeves, and ran them up the middle. I planned on steeking it and making a cardie, which I might still, but right now I like it like this.
Gauge: 4st/inch
Needles: 5US
Yarn: Mega Stoppino Fuso 603 (darker) and Mega Stoppino 208 (the lighter orange) by Lana Grossa. Probably used about 10 balls total, 900 metres.

I LOVE the color. Here's a pretty true shot of the color:


I also learned that our new camera has this cool 10-shot function where you can set the self-timer and get a lot of shots, fast. Very fun. Led to some silliness.





I kind of lost my mind when I did the back neck -- I should have continued the cable, and actually did, but it bunched, so I ripped back (ack! I don't do that!) and put stockinette in the middle portion). It's kind of six of one, but I think the cable would have looked nice all the way across. But oh well! Ain't rippin' now.

I love the neckline. The hole ended up rather square, which I liked, so I just picked up, knit about three rows, wrapped and turned, and then cast off loosely purl-side facing.


And look at this graceful SEAMLESS goodness (god bless EZ):


Happy wandering cables:


AND, well, I finished another one about two weeks ago. I think I mentioned I botched a sweater? I made a Debbie Bliss Lara with this yarn I picked up in Venice. But it turned out toooooo small. Not incredibly small, but annoyingly so. So I added a bottom band, and I'm going to put in a zipper, so that it will just go tightly over a tank top. Throw-on-and-go beater sweater, it will never be. But it's cute-ish. Must put in that zip.


Blogging takes a long time with this many pics! Gotta go! I still haven't watched The Amazing Race yet! Bye!


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Fabulous - you are so 1950s sweater girl starlet! Love it, love you.

Ooh, I love the cables and autumnal colors. As I type this, I'm wearing my Malabrigo cabled cardi (BPT, from Knitty), in the most gorgeous browns, oranges, yellows, with the teeniest hint of green every so often. We're sweater sisters! (Except mine, being Malabrigo, has pilled horribly. But it's so soft that I still love it, as my cozy indoor sweater.)

Wow, great colors, great cables, great fit!

you look beautiful in that first shot

Cyuuute! Your sweaters take the cake! Love them both. I like that you do your own designing, too.

Looks fantastic! I was envious when I saw BT's seamless raglan, now I'm even more envious! Great color.

gorgeous.... I can't seem to finish anything as of late...

I love reading your posts! Not only do you keep me entertained with your witty observations,you are the most prolific knitter I have seen! I have yet to tackle a real wearable, livable sweater, so you give me hope that I can actually accomplish this magic....
Still working on the socks I started in June......
Carol, an X-Oakland woman living in Reno

I love your sweater and the color on you is fantastic. On me it would look hideous.

But I am not feeling the love for sweaters right now -- doing my first toddler sweater and the arms have kicked my butt -- ripped them out yesterday and am re-doing today....

Boo! I'm loving your very autumny cably seamlessy sweater as is, too, but it certainly would make a fabulous cardigan.

Fabulous. You always make it look so easy!

The colors in that are really fabulous (not to mention seasonal), and the shape really shows off your figure--nice!

What is UP with socks these days? I swear, I can't get 'em right these days myself...I've got three pairs of the needles now, and there's something wrong with all of them. The STR club one from a couple of shipments ago? Can't get the stitches picked up properly. Trekking, basic ribbing pattern? My gauge changed drastically in the 2nd sock, and it's just so wrong it's not even funny. So I started a third pair, and after a couple of inches on the cuff? It's just too darn big.

Your sweater's fab though...wish I had that karma going for me. My Central Park Hoodie languishes beside me, because now with all the bad sock juju I'm scared to work on it. :P

(In a fit of hopefulness though, I bought yarn for seaming it yesterday. We'll see how that works out.)

Love the color, design -- just great!

I don't know how you do it- everything you make is perfection!

Oh! work that camera... beautiful sweater, i love how the colours change as it moved up frome the ribbing to the neck. Too lovely.

Wow that sweater is just gorgeous. Love those colors you used too!

rachel you are so freaking great! i love this sweater and love your perfect smile. the cables and colors are fab! as always, you're so inspiring. i'm working my way through the central park hoodie because you sold me on it.

Not spooky at all! Gorgeous, as always dahling! *hugs*

I just love the cables! It's a gorgeous sweater!


I'm in the throws of my first Walker Knitting From the Top sweater. I wasn't brave enough for cables, though. You and Boo look great together!

I love everything about that sweater.

And you look adorable, as always!


love, love, love the cabled sweater. great cable, gorgeous colors... and i'm working on a seamless hybrid too! a plain one, but nevertheless very exciting. good save on the lara-- it will be cute!

I love it! Pumpkin-y, Fall-y goodness!

God, i love that sweater so much! The seamless hybrid is even higher on my list now...

Love the sweaters. Such productivity! I'm noting down the yarn on that orange lovely 'cause it's so yummy, and I'm totally stealing the cable for the aran cardigan I've been planning in my head for the last 3 years.

love your sweaters and I think u are sooo cute... greetings from Finland!!

It's gorgeous as is, but I'm imagining it as a cardie with a sleek black tank underneath. Very Halloween-y.

If you do steek it, please do a step by step photo tutorial for those of us without your mad knitting skillz.

Oooh...I love all of the sweaters you've recently finished! I wish I could knit as quickly as you do. I especially love those autumn colors. Great job!

Love both the sweaters. The EZ/Cable sweater is awesome and the colorway is great for you! The Venice sweater is cute...I like how you used the two colors. Nice.

I love love love the orange sweater, the color is fabulous! (the pink one is cute too, but have this immediate visceral response to orange. Love!) It's so cool how you did the strips with the dark orange and light orange and the great cables.

Wow! You are rocking with the finished sweaters! I'm working on a seamless sweater too, and was thinking of using the hybrid EZ. It is good to see one in action. And I love the pumpkinny colors. Yumm.

That's gorgeous! The color makes your skin all glowy!

Lovely sweater. Love the poses, too! I am also stuck with not finishing socks. By God, I will!!!

Love the colors!!! Are you planning on wearing it for Halloween?

Love the first sweater and especially that first shot of it. Throw on a bit of snot coming from your nose, and maybe you could do a little rendition of Blair Witch for us in that lighting. Very Halloween.

Love that Pumpkin Spice! You know I'll try and skive that off of you when I see it in person.

Your sweater looks like food. Like a bit of Pumpkin soup, some yams and pumkin and pecan pies for later.

God, I'm starving now!!

beautiful! i love the cables you added. oh and the colors too. wooh!

So beautiful!

Somehow, thanks to BlogF*ingLines, I missed this post...


BTW, did I mention that bizarrely, I thought you might actually show up at Rhinebeck? I know, after Venice, yeah, duh, not bloody likely. Do you think you could maybe please go next year? :-}

Rabbitch will be pissed if you don't....

That is a beautiful, beautiful sweater. I love the colors and the cables.

Love, love your sweater and the color is gorgeous.....care to share your pattern with all of us...that is exactly what I am looking for!

CPH looks great also...love the scarf.......


What can I say, everyone else has not said. I love your sweater Great job on the neckline and the colors are MY Colors. . .love, love love them! You did a fantastic job.

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