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Welp. October 12, 2006

When I feel like I'm behind in everything (when DO people find time to clean under the couch and vacuum the car and mow the lawn and save money for retirement and change the oil?), why is it that I get a wild craving to do NaNoWriMo? (In which one writes a novel during the month of November.)

So. Are you behind in things? What?
Wanna do NaNoWriMo?
Talk to me.


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Dude. I know my own strength. Last month I re-upped for a second session of my novel-in-progress writing class. How much of the novel did I get done in the month between sessions? Two (gulp) hour-long writing stints.

I know the whole point of NaNoWriMo is to buckle down for the sprint with the knowledge that you won't have to do the long haul. But given my last month, I just can't see it working for myself.

I've always wanted to do NaNoWriMo. I don't write like that though, and I sure as hell don't write novels. It's more that I want to take on some insanely huge project in a small amount of time as a personal challenge.

Hmm... Maybe I should pick up some yarn for another Rogue at Rhinebeck.
Huge project - check.
Deadline - I can set that, but can I keep it?

This is my first time commenting, but I read a lot. I'm just shy. ;)

You drew me out, though, because I (gulp) signed up for NaNoWriMo this year.

I'm still not sure where my sanity is, and what on Earth I'm thinking, but I'm going to at least give it a shot.

It'll be fun, right?

I wonder the very same things, Rach - about how people do all the things they do. I just took two vacations days and worked my a** off getting caught up and laundry and mopping the kitchen floor (not just Swiffering it). Yes. It's a sucky use of vacation time but I reach the point where I can't stand the dirt any longer and I sacrifice my vacation time in the name of protecting my sanity because I need some semblance of order and cleanliness.

BTW - I love your Sienna Cardigan. I had to pull out my IW to give it another look. I really like the cable up the front (my current body shape demands vertical lines) and the collar. You look **fab** in it - although I have to tell you that I'm still getting used to you as a blonde.


Housework is evil, it must be stopped.

I agree with Tove that housework is evil. I would rather be reading or knitting or spinning. Can't write worth a darn, so the novel idea is, well, novel. Tell you what: you write the novel, I'll read it.

Wait, we're supposed to clean under couches? Then where will all the dust bunnies, pen caps, hair bands, and stitch markers live? I say leave them be.

I want to do NaNoWriMo. But I'm not. I'm not sure I have a whole novel in me yet, and committing to that would be admitting that I'll still be unemployed in November. But I'm making up for not doing that by at least attempting to do a bunch of writing for Quirky Nomads. And I just thought up an amazing sock pattern that I may swatch, write a proposal for, and *gulp* send to IK for rejection. That's kinda like a novel, right?

Well, I'm definitely tempted...And this is probably the one time in my life that I will have enough time to even consider it (as I have recently moved to Chicago and my job is only slowly starting up), but I am a little unsure as I haven't done any real writing in years...I know that this is probably one of the best ways to get going again, but I'm a little overwhelmed by the possibility! Knitting some lace seems like a safer challenge at the moment...I'm still mulling it over, though!

I'm in. Provided I get the felting book done before then. But, don't tell Sandra, k?

"Behind" is my middle name. And I've wondered the same thing about cleaning -- when I see ads on TV with people freakin' swiffering and febreezing, I always think, "Don't they have work to do??"

Yeah. Right.

I do love the way you threw in "save for retirement," though. Because...yeah.

I find it hard to believe that your bad writing self has not gotten down with NaNoWriMo already - if you haven't, I highly recommend it; I did it in 2002, and though the novel remains unfinished (due to the tragic death of Peter Jennings, who was a central figure), it remains the best 52,543 words I have written to date. If you (or anyone else) wants, I saved a slick Excel spreadsheet from my NaNo experience that is a superior progress tracker - it helps (but it does not write for you)!

Things I am behind on: 1.) Restarting my 3-5x weekly Pilates habit 2.) Visit reports for my volunteer hospice work (volunteering yay, paperwork boo!) and 3.) finishing the shawl that is part of my Halloween costume.

i have the 2500 words i wrote not last year but the year before. i signed up and we'll see if i can add at least 1000 more this year. :)

I'm too busy to even notice the dust under the couch. Until one day i do and then i realize how gosh darn crazy things are. NaNoWriMo? I wish I had time...

Listen, I work at home, a solid 8 hours from 6 am to 3:00 and even though I do not commute, I am exhausted after the work day. I can barely keep up and it's just the two of us and one cat. I was pondering, while in the shower, if I could afford to hire someone to come every other week to do the icky bathroom/kitchen cleaning. Must look into that.

I tried NaNoWriMo two years ago and met a fantastic friend (although I think I only got somewhere around 7200 words done. 6700? In there.)

I'd love to do it again but even I'm not bonkers enough to think I can even try.

Hey! Wait, I could write instead of knit at work ...

You are a crazy woman! I'll watch, thank you very much.

I'm doing NaNoWriMo and I'm neglecting everything else in November! I'm writing that book I keep dreaming off....now I just need to finish my outline so I can crank this thing out!

You need to do it! Writing is in your soul!

I've heard of people who clean under the couch. Me? I'm pretty that if I go too near it with a cleaning implement, whatever's under there will wrestle it away, knock me to the ground and eat me. It's just better not to take a risk.

Err, I meant crazy in the nicest possible meaning of the word.

I assume we will see you on Saturday if we go to The Event. We plan to be there. Save a couple of seats for us. We have a whisky tasting to go to first.

Am I behind in anything?? better question: am I caught up on anything!
Okay, you asked: I'm behind in:
paying bills, filing bills, laundry, housecleaning, sewing the kids' Halloween costumes, sending invitations for a party, plannign the kids Halloween party so there's not a mob of pre-teens with nothing to do; digging out my desk so I can find things; knitting a project I'm actually getting paid for; blogging; several things at work we won't discuss here; taking clothes to the goodwill; reading; exercise; emails - particularly real ones with family and close friends; finishing the jacket that I should be wearing now... that's enough, I'm getting depressed.

I'd love to do the book thing, but I KNOW that November is already too full.

I do want to do NaNoWriMo, so very much, but I just don't think there's any way it would even be remotely possible. I have a very love/hate relationship with writing, and I think trying to knock out a novel - even a crappy novel - in a month might make me crazy...um, crazier.

That being said, I still haven't deleted the reminder e-mail.

Totally go for it! I wish I could join you, however since I haven't finished my thesis, gone back to the gym, or finished even half of my UFO knitting I can't even dream of it. Though it makes me want to set a goal for November. Like, finishing the cataloging needed to write my thesis. I am afraid of being too optimistic. Let's see how I feel at the beginning of November.

Thanks for the gentle universal butt-kicking.

Har. I'd like to do NaNo, but I'm afraid my novel will continue to mock me from the (undusted, cluttered) corners of my brain.

This is an improvement over most years, where I remember the existence of NaNo on 11/5...

I've started and failed at completing NaNoWriMo twice. Well, barely started. I'm wondering if third time is a charm. I'm considering it. Knitting will have to take a backseat, no?

Behind? Practically everything: friends, work, personal projects, email, handwritten letters, etc.

Dust under the couch? Vacuum the car? Mow the lawn? Save money for retirement? Change the oil? Ya mean we're supposed to regularly doing those things. yikes.

That sounds so cool! 'Twood totally get me offa my arse, writing-wise. Hmmmm. Lemme think about it.

Dude! I do this every year, and this year I was gonna take a break! I might try it. The first year I did it I was working 14 hour days 7 days a week, and recording an EP, and I managed to finish. This year I just kinda want to...knit socks. I managed to eke out a win last year, but only just. If you decide to do this, let me know, I will introduce you to all the cool people at the social events. :)

Aw man, I'm behind in everything. And have been for years. I'm having a hard time keeping up with even the essentials. Lessee,
more wedding thank you notes
prune the camelias before they take over the porch
cleanup the yard for winter
post the wedding pics
pay bills
return library books
keep up on my email (so awful at this)
get rid of the pile of boxes
and so on.
Now parents, I have NO CLUE when they have any time to do anything. I can't keep up and all I have is a cat to deal with.

I always get the biggest wild cravings to do fun things when I've got the biggest pile of crap to do that I don't want to do. Everything's more interesting when you're avoiding some other task.

I would love to try out NaNo but I REALLY need to get the gym routine back on track. Sigh.

I did it in 2002 and 2003, got to around 10,000 words in 2004, registered but didn't do it last year.

Haven't deleted my reminder this year, but I'm just not sure I'm prepared in any way.

It is tempting though...

I work at home and when people find out, they inevitably say "Oh, you must have so much time to do laundry," or "Wow, your house must be really clean." Then I have to fight the urge to smack them because if I'm not working and doing the laundry, I'm not getting anything done which means I'm not getting paid.

One of my friends lives in a perfectly put together house. Not one thing out of place. Everything is immediately put in a designated spot. I don't know how she has time to do it, but I don't know whether to be envious or a little disgusted.

Let's not even go into saving money for retirement. I'm going to be retiring at 80.

I'm behind in writing my book! What if I didn't sign up officially for NaNoWriMo but wrote alongside of you? Might even get something done!

We can do it if we figure out some time-management strategies. But I'm behind in that, too.

R -- are you going to Nathania's grand opening? We're aiming to be there by noon at the latest. Would love to see you! Long time!

I never vaccuum under the couch or wash my car, and am avoiding doing moving tasks right now, such as packing and purging and cleaning.

That not cleaning thing is about to bite my arse, on about the 31st.

Every Thursday (my last day of the week), I write a great to-do list...then only get about 3 of the 4 million things done. I would love to do NaNoWriMo, but not possible. If you do this, keep us posted! I am excited for the folks that take this on!

I am so behind my To Do List dates back to the 1th century, more things added thatn I can cross off in a decade. Dust bunnies under the couch? They are holding up the couch at this point.... sigh.... and don't even look at the weeds in my garden. Love your blog!

Darling, you should totally do NaNoWriMo. Totally. I mean, really what's more important? Chores? Honestly, darling. Writing. that's what's important.

I desperately want to do NaNoWriMo. However...behind?

Well, let's see. I graduate in December, have to find a job for after graduation, have a senior project that is 30-100 pages long to write, another major paper due in November, my apartment should be qualified as a natural disaster by FEMA, and my Christmas/Hannukah/Winter Solstice knitting is still undone.

Oh. And I'm trying to learn 2 languages this semester. In my "free" time.

But....I still have time for NaNoWriMo, right? :)

I enjoy cleaning the house-- that is, getting the house clean. I just wish I could press pause on the VCR Button of Life so chores didn't take time away from everything else I want to do. Those goons at MIT have really got to get on that. And the teleporter.

This will be my fifth year doing NaNo, and hopefully I'll rebound from last year's stunning loss (only 6K words! gasp!) with a better showing this time around.

My daughter (now 16) and I have each done the NaNo for the last 4 years. She is much more successful at finishing than I am, but it's fun to try, and I've gotten a lot of unfinished drek stories out of my system. Maybe this year I'll manage the Great American Novel?

Well, I'm in. NaNoWriMo, that is I registered. Hope I get 'wordy' soon!

Alrighty, I took the plunge and signed up! I'm totally excited, man! Woo-hoo!

I'm doing NaNoWriMo too ... we must be crazy! :-)

Gosh. Randomly seeing this (reading all of the knitting blogs I can lay eyes on) reminded me that I want to sign up for this. I have a huge holiday bazaar the day before, so hopefully my major knitting schedule will be cleaned up by then. Diggity!

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