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Happy ThingsOctober 8, 2006

Hey, know what? I have the best knit-ring ever. You're in it. That's one of the reasons why I've deleted all rings from my blog in the past few months -- I now have the best one ever. Requires no code and no membership and no queue and no stressed-out admin. It's just you and me and a bunch of other terrific people, and it includes all the people I like and the people who like me. And really, I don't know anyone else, because I don't keep people in my life whom I don't love and enjoy. Sounds easy, and isn't. But it's worth it.

With that said, and my heartfelt thanks for being part of my knitting/writing world, I give you New Things:


From the back:


And a rather blurry shot of the FABYOOOLUS buttons I bought in Venice, y'all. I knitted most of this on the trip, and I was able to walk into a notions store that Lala spotted and bring out a front piece to try them against.


Pattern: Interweave Knits, Fall 2006, Sienna Cardigan by Ann E. Smith
Yarn: 100% Cashmere, from School Products, their heavyweight coned stuff. Mmm.
Needles: 4US
Gauge: 16st/4in (loose knitter, the loosest)
Mods: None. Great pattern.

I love this sweater. It's a little boxy but I find I'm liking that. I have enough totally form-fitting sweaters that this one makes a nice change.

And before I forget, here's the shawl I made Christy:


And a detail:


It's just like the wedding stole I made (scroll down in Finito), same fit, although it uses different side panels.

Formula: Pick yarn you like (this is Karabella's silk/cashmere blend, can't remember the name), pick two designs you like (I chose the Twin Leaf Panel and Totem Pole, Barbara Walker Second Treasury, p.235 and 254, respectively). Cast on enough stitches to support the panels plus a 4st-garter border, with 4 purl stitches between the panels. Then I usually do about a 8 row garter-stitch border. Go for as long as you like or until you run out of yarn (I usually use 4-ish skeins), and then do 8 more garter-stitch rows and cast off. Voila.

I run off now to pick up the little mama, who is in town. We're doing pasta and old Lost episodes tonight. Woot!


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Glad to be part of your knitting world. That green is lovely on you, and the wedding stole is art.

Have fun with your mother.

I'll be right over.

(OMG to the buttons.)

OMG look at that sweater and shawl - you rock and the buttons are super. And just think of what you will be remembering each time you wear it - a wonderful trip with someone you love -- what more can anyone ask for.

Enjoy your pasta with your mom - I have been sick with something -- I'm not quite sure what - fever, achy blechiness -- and pasta would be the best - not on my diet but the best anyway.

BTW another reason you rock you get all these projects done so fast -- yikes -- I have been plodding along on my toddler sweater and tried working on it today -- Don't try to work on something new you are learning when you are ill -- not a good thing.

What a happy post, schmoo. And what a beautiful sweater, shawl, and girl! I feel lucky to be part of your ring. :)

Geez. Both the new sweater and the shawl are wonderful.

That looks great! Comfortable but classic and retro chic, like you should have pearls around your neck and a tray of canapés.

omg, that is an amazing shawl. I'm totally going to take that idea & run with it!

The sweater is gorgeous, too.

Beautiful work! I am so happy to share a knitter's online world with folks like you! The buttons, perfecto. I read Lala's blog yesterday, and must have looked like a psycho to my neighbors...I would laugh hysterically, then say "aww that poor girl," then laugh more. Rinse and repeat. Definately bipolar behavior ;).

Thanks for letting me be part of your knitting world. I hope to help enable you at the LYS next time you are in AG!!

And the sweater, è fantastico!!

Beautiful sweater!

You, chickie, are one of my favourite Happy Things. Great sweater!

Hot. pink. shawl. So *rad*! Thanks for the simple shawl knitting tip, I want to try that. And I love your cardigan! Sometimes, boxy is good. It's definitely still flattering. Boy, when you decide to knit, you really get it done!

Oh, the red shawl will look faboo with the red bridesmaid dress. Fab. And, of course, the cashmere sweater is lovely, dear. I am jealous of your productivity and will try to emulate it.

I love both knitted things. Have fun with yr mama! Mwah!

Love the knits. That sweater is fantastic. Boxy is perfect for layering!

Happy, happy to be part of the ring. Have a good week.

What a beautiful little cardigan ! You look lovely in it. A very good colour for you.

Both of those are gorgeous! I especially love the buttons on the cardigan.

Gorgeous sweater! (How cute is that collar!)

While form fitting is sometimes nice, I definitely fall into the boxy camp, too. In fact, I once wrote up a list of embarrassing knitting facts about myself on my blog, and that was one of them. There's nothing necessarily wrong with boxy. Especially when it's a cardigan, so you can wear a sexy, form fitting t-shirt underneath, in case your mood changes.

(*stares suspiciously at rectangle with trapezoid sleeves blocking on living room floor* I have no choice but to feel the boxy love right now. I've been knitting *that* boxy thing for 6 months, so if I don't love it, I will weep.)

That sweater is really pretty - color, style, buttons, model.

And I make shawls the same way. I've done Aran-ish blankets that way too; cable patterns are fun to blend.

Woo! the sienna cardigan looks great! [I just started it yesterday-- making it for my mom.]

The shawl is gorgeous! :)

I just had a lovely stroll through all your finished projects. You do beautiful work.

I like you! And your knits too! Green eggs and Oops, wrong book. Sounds like you had a nice easy day.

Wonderful knits! You look lovely in the sweater - perfect for Fall and the stitch pattern and color of the shawl look yummy:)

Sienna is on my list for this year too! Glad to see a real-life finished one - and a beautiful finished one at that. LOVE the buttons.

Such perfect buttons, and y'know, the knitting ain't half bad either::grin:: Lovely on you too. I am more and more fond of Anne Smith's work. I'm beginning to see her around more and more.
And the shawl's very pretty too.

Those are some seriously gorgeous knits!! I love the green, and Cashmere! Yum! The buttons couldn't be more perfect, and they'll always remind you of the trip to Venice with LaLa.

You're so funny, Rachael! Just slight, casual mentions that some knitting "might" be going on and then--BLAM!--two amazing FOs. They're lovely, girl, especially the scarf!

Cool idea with the webring. And, the sweater and shawl look great. I can't believe you've already finished something from the current issue. It usually takes me months to decide whether I want to knit something from it and which one if so.

I've been eyeing that cardigan...it looks great on you (which makes me think, that would look good on me too!)

The scarf is hot, too. I was thinking of making one for a friend who's getting married in a month...all the time in the world.

I think the sweater is uber-cute. I think it's very cute and love how it looks on you. Form-fitting sweaters are nice and have their place, but there's nothing wrong with a boxy sweater and it doesn't look boxy on you! Thanks for the idea of the shawl. Yours is lovely. Your sister will knock 'em dead! I love the idea for a shawl. Such an easy way to work up one.

I'd picked that sweater as a possiblility for some Malabrigo in the stash and now I like it even better! I wish I had known about the Art Fibers show! I was even in the East Bay visiting the folks!

That sweater looks great! Is it a heathery green? All the coziness of a good sweater jazzed up with a little bit of (tilting ladders?) lace and fun buttons. Great! And that shawl is gorgeous.

Enjoy lil' mama and pasta!

Lurvely stuff, gal. I'm doing a skinny scarf kind of along the same lines as the stole - 6 st of garter (with a 12 row garter border at the end), baby fern lace pattern, 6 st of garter. Easy-peasy, and will net me a pretty, slender scarf for winding or looping about my giraffely neck come winter.

I'm thinking stole or shawl with some baby alpaca laceweght... mmmmm...

That is a beautiful sweater and it looks fabulous on you! I liked the pattern when I saw it in the magazine and now that I see it on a live person (they never show enough shots of things in IK-I like to see details and stuff before I decide on a project, but I still luv them) I like it maybe enough to knit it...
the shawl is very pretty too-when do you find time to make these things!?

Beautiful sweater, Beautiful shawl.
You do lovely work.

I am so happy to be in the ring! You inspired me to start blogging for myself.

Love the new stuff, and of course the traditional pose. It's nice to see someone making some of the thngs I can't get to. I have to live vicariously through some other knitters, there's just not time to make everything I like myself.

The Sienna sweater: beautiful!
The Rachael: Cute as a button!
The shawl: gawgeous!
The formula: can't lose!
The no more rings: less stress=more fun!

That sweater looks great! And cozy, mmmmm..... (yes, I'm a little chilly, it might be the shorts and open windows)(yes, I am a dip).

And I like you too!! :-)

Why oh why is every sweater you make absolutely cute and lovely and wonderful?!?! It's just not fair.

You seem to see (and knit) great sweaters from patterns many of us just pass over. You definitely have a keen knitter's eye.

I too love being part of your "ring," it's the best!

So pretty--you and the sweater. Yea! You remembered to do the Rachael. Love your sisters scarf.

...shawl. Sorry. Love it though.

You are definately the knitting goddess! That sweater is so cute, but how were you able to knit it with US4 needles, when the pattern calls for US9’s without adjusting the number of stitches?

the sweater looks awesome on you and very retro on your shapely self, doesn't look boxy at all.

and the shawl/scarf deal is beautiful. great loose pattern idea, very elizabeth zimmerman! :)

p.s. i just scrolled through your Finito page for old times' sake. lots of really awesome stuff there i had forgotten about. you are quite the prolific knitter m'dear. ;)

Rings can be overrated. Gathering together your own little community of people, well, that's better.

*bounces* That Sienna cardigan looks lovely, and OMG, the shawl! I could just eat it.

Okay, that is eerie! I cast on for Sienna this weekend. Now I feel like a stalker, or something!

I'm so glad you knitted that up, because it helps me see the pattern better; in the mag it was somehow reminiscent of Salt Peanuts to me. The shawl's an inspiration too. BTW< I loved all the Europe posts, just didn't have a chance to comment on 'em!

Love the sweater. Geez you are fast! The shawl looks fantastic, so nice! Hell, I'd sign up as MOH for a shawl like that.

Your sweater looks wonderful and the cashmere must feel wonderful too. I always love to see what you've knit. Often you choose patterns I've already tagged, but it's so nice to see them on a real person. Much more trustworthy than a superskinny model in some weird pose. Sometimes you pick things I hadn't thought would look so good and totally make me change my mind. Kudos.

i'm making sienna cardigan right now in the same color! seeing yours has totally put a fire under me to finish mine.

ooh. very excited that i've made the cut too. (i have made the cut haven't i)

love the sweater and the buttons. you know, i'm a big fan of the boxy sweater. not always the most flattering. but sometimes, you just need a boxy sweater. and that one is beautiful.

was great to see you in person last night. hope you indulged in a little ici ice cream.

Hey, I was wondering if I'd ever see "The Rachael" pose again! There you are. And that scarf - WOW. Love it!

LOVE the sweater AND the shawl.

And umm... "loose knitter"? I'll say.

I can't get 16 sts/4 inches with any yarn on anything less than a size 8, usually it takes a size 9!!

That sweater is wonderful. With your curves, nothing could look boxy! It's gorgeous, and so are you.

I'm so glad to finally see someone else that has made this sweater! I'm in the process of knitting one out of pink Malabrigo. I'm knitting mine with a size 9 or 10 needle (tight knitter...the tightest!). I had set this project aside to knit on a shawl to wear at Rhinebeck, but my sweater is coming with me on my trip! You've inspired me!! Love the buttons!

Eye candy for a tired Friday reader. Beautiful knits!

I am having this sinking feeling that I did not pick up that issue in time. The Sienna is gorgeous, I love the shawl collar.

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