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Whistle ThisOctober 14, 2006

My brain is full of a lot of things tonight. I'm thinking about the NaNoWriMo, and what I'll write (I have no idea). And about someone who drives me INSANE and not in a good way, but I'm dealing with that. Remind me to tell you about my revelation about complaining that I had recently -- it IS true that the things that bug you most about a person are really your own problems. I'd always heard it, but in this case I knew it couldn't be true. Yeah, um, it is.

But more on that at another time, when I am more awake. What I am wondering at this moment is why the heck is it such an intimate thing to whistle with another person? Hmmm? Think about it. Well, I guess you won't know, unless you're a whistler. But if you are, you'll agree, I'm sure.

I'm one of those whistlers who can't stop doing it. If there's a song on in the background, I'll be whistling, and usually I don't even realize it. I don't realize it until I notice that someone else is also unconsciously whistling. Then there's that awkward moment when you both realize what's happening and you either both stop, or one bows out, and the other maintains the tune politely for a few notes, as if in thanks for the concession, and then she'll stop whistling, too. And then ten minutes later, you both do it all over again.

The exception to this is when you're in a store, around people you don't know from Adam, and two actively-whistling whistlers collide in an aisle. They just might have a few bars of competition, and the louder one usually wins. But I do harmony better than most, I must say. Oh, the weirdness of harmonizing with a stranger. It's almost unbearable, the strange intimacy. Rather unpleasant, actually. But interesting, no?

Forty more minutes and I'm on my way home for a good day-sleep. Then a walk with the dogs and the wife, and then another shift, and then the weekend. Couldn't come at a better time.


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Well I wouldn't be the whistler you run into -- I am such a bad whistler that when I would whistle in the car my old dog used to lick my face to get me to stop -- I tried to say that she was thanking me because it was so wonderful -- but I know better --- so sad..... I can't sing worth a darn either.....damn I have no talents of any kind -- oh well....

Can't say as I've had that experience, probably because I can not whistle. Many people have tried to teach me, but alas. Is it sad that I can sing and play the violin? Yes, it is.

That novel writing thing sounds fun. I've calculated a bit, though, and it also looks like lots of work. I'd have to stop knitting for the month of November - oh, yeah, and neglect my offspring. Does that sound doable? Yeah, maybe I should pass on it this time around. I'll live vicariously through you, instead.

Go team Yarnagogo!

I really wish I could whistle. It's one skill you just can't learn though. You either can or you can't. :)

You should write your NaNoWriMo about a Whistler.

Happy to hear you'll be on the NaNo trail too Rach! I've been obsessing over the idea that smacked me upside the head in August, researching and plotting since then. So hard not to just write, but it's a NaNo and the intensity is good for the story.

I'd be delighted to have you on my buddy list http://www.nanowrimo.org/userinfo.php?uid=115536
Add me if you're so inclined.

I will agree with Krista, NaNo does make for no knitting time, no time for kids or spouses. Especially if you also work! It's worth every second of writing joy though!



I'm ducking out of NaNo this year (just as a plotbunny pops up with a decent idea, go figure!) but I do have a Nvember goal: Finish the sweater I started for Hubby when we got engaged in 1994. It's going to happen! Good luck with your NaNo, try and drop by at least one of the regional meetups near you, they're a blast!

Dude, I SO cannot whistle. It's up to hte husband to teach our boys.

i'm a hummer -- not in a big ass gas guzzling morally reprensible vehicle sort of way -- not a whistler as i can't whistle. i also sing really softly.

did i ever tell you about my brush with humming/singing celebrity when i was humming/singing with steve tyler of aerosmith while in anthropologie in boston? yep, he was barely 10 feet away from me and he was singing, "i'm in the mood for love" while i hummed it.

Maryse hummed with Steve Tyler?

I have died from jealousy.

Okay, I'm back. (Fast reincarnation--runs in the family.) My husband and I actually whistle on purpose together. There's even a little "here we go, we've started whistling together again" kind of dance in the chair that happens. He's way better than I am, though. At whistling. Clearly, I am the better dancer.

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