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yay!October 7, 2006

Lala blogged. Not about Europe, but about the Chicago airport, which, really, is kind of the same thing, right?

Also, Bay Area Knitters, don't forget about tomorrow's (Sunday's) really cool Knit and Crochet Fall Fashion Event, happening at Artfibers in San Francisco, 4-7pm. Basically, it's a new pattern line that they're displaying at a nice little shindig. You  should go. The sneak pattern preview, seen on their website is awesome, and done by our own Kira. Really, it's exciting.


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oh how I wish I could be there!

Sadly, I am going to be too busy tomorrow to go!!! Waaaah!!!

I will be doubly sad I am not there if my neighborhood is a traffic-ridden as it is at this moment (thanks, Fleet Week!). People: you are in gridlocked traffic. Honking? Not helping. DON'T MAKE ME COME DOWN THERE.

I am planning going. I just bought a sweater's worth of Ming and will be looking for inspiration!

Poor Lala. When I travel internationally, I try to book a hotel in the US where ever I end up going thru customs because they ALWAYS manage to screw up my flight anyway and by the time I flippin' figure out that I'm going to be there all night, there are no hotel rooms. I learned this the hard way. And her ooky cold? Salsa, chips, guacamole and sour cream. No lie. Burn it out. If she doesn't like hot, go for mild but I swear...salsa.

You have a damn funny wife.

Rachael, did you know about http://venicedailyphoto.blogspot.com ?

Yippy! I'm about to get dressed and head into the city for a bit of unstructured time/retail therapy, and I actually was thinking about ArtFibers--and thought nah, they're not open on Sundays...
See you there!

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