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November 20, 2006

All right.
I'm going to San Francisco, and the beach. Happy?
Also, if I happened to research how to get from Ocean Beach to Imagiknit, that was purely academic. Yep.


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The salt air and ocean foam will undoubltedly get your writer juices flowing. I wouldn't know, as I have been holed up in my house, writing in the cozy dark, but I hear fresh air does wonders. Hmmm, maybe that's why everything I have written today seems stilted and dumb. Perhaps it's the lack of oxygen. Damn NaNoWriMo. Heh.
Have fun.

Dude, Imagiknit is SO on your way home. Hell, I went to ArtFibers on Friday just to get at bikini wax from the salon upstairs from the shop. Sure, I had to walk past dozens of other salons, but WTF?!

Years ago, Utne Magazine (an excellent mag, everyone should subscribe) focused an issue on the concept of time. I'll never forget the piece written that claimed time had capabilities that we didn't yet understand, that it is not just a matter of 60 seconds equals a minute and on and on. Time has different purposes and that's why some times are good for errands and some times are good for the beach. If you ignore your instincts and try to cram something in where it doesn't belong, it doesn't work.

Dont get sand in your laptop! I always find that I get a whole lot less done at the beach but have a whole lot more fun not doing it. But then when I get back I have more energy so there you go.
I am a big fan of the tacobell in Pacifica ;)

Shit, dude. It must be something about this week, cuz my writin' has been all dumb lately. It's like I pretty much know what'll happen in the story and the like, but my writin's all boring and stupid and dumb. Must be the NaNoWriMo writers blockedly time takin' us over and makin' us have trouble stringin' two words together.

Yeah, Imaginknot is totally on your way home! Just like I just HAPPENED across that yarn store in Napa this weekend. What were the odds???

I hope it went well today!

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