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November 20, 2006

An alpaca has made a break for it, and I'm about to toss the heroine down a well, and I still can't put a word next to another one. I have, however, tidied four or five separate areas of the house.

I have a romantic image of myself, loading up the car and driving down the coast, laptop and border collie at my side, sitting at some cafe near Pacifica or Ocean Beach (such a creative name, I always think), pounding out my novelishious words, but in reality if I actually stand up and make that happen, I will end up sidetracked by the flea treatment I need to go buy for the wee dog who kept me up ALL NIGHT with the scratching and cat food run (different stop, sadly) I have to make today if I want my cats to continue living with me. I should also go to the bank and order a new ATM card, since mine is all scratched up and won't work, and there are a couple other errands that should get done, and I know myself too well. I will tell myself I'm going out "to write" and I'll end up being hyper-productive in errand-running just to avoid that whole writing part. Might as well stay home.

Good god. 217 words, wasted on angst.


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Ahh, you can't see the screen of the laptop outside anyway. It only looks good on TV to be working on the Great American Novel outside.

I think you should go to Pacifica and write.

I say go out and "write". At least you'll have something to show for your day when you get all those errands done. I used to get a lot of middle-of-the-night baking done when I was in grad school. I may not have gotten my homework in a timely manner, but I always had yummy baked goods to share with my fellow students.

This is why I do not have a writing studio. I haven't even written at my desk in... three years.

I do occasionally find coffee shops useful, though. If nothing else, I write b/c I'd feel too stupid if I didn't, having made a big production of it.

i honestly never consider 'angst' a waste of writing. if you didn't get it out, it'd still be in there festering away, messing up whatever else you were trying to write! :)

I too am outrageously good at cleaning my house, cooking dinner and puttering around instead of writing my play "Asshole Differential" (about Bush and secret prisons and torture - but it's a sexual farce of sorts - go figure- a very black and outrageous comedy). I've been writing that thing for a fucking year and a half and no end in sight. Plays do take forever but still. Was supposed to produce it four weeks ago but health problems and a sudden need to move outta my apartment waylayed the production.

I read part of your book and it looks amusing. Good luck! Let La clean the house and take care of the wee dog's fleas! You write girl. Now if only that wife of yours could get some of her solo effort up on line. . . And when I'm not dead broke I'll buy the Whoreshoes stuff as well.
Love to you both,

Whats your address and phone # there in case I wanna call and catch up?

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