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ExcerptNovember 13, 2006

I've posted an excerpt of my novel on my NaNo page (click on See Nano Stats and Read Excerpt at the bottom left). It's not good, it's from a rough draft, I'm writing fast, and the flash page-turning feature does strange things to my punctuation, things I couldn't fix from within the site.

But it mentions alpaca sex. And did I mention it's a romance? Like Harlequin-style? Oh, yeah. Fun so far. Enjoy.


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OK, that was adorable. Having read my share of such romances (my college roomie lived on them, more or less), I think you really caught the tone well. I actally want to know what comes next!
Also, excellent romance/soap opera-type name selections. :-)

love it. so precious. can't wait to read more.

Definitely fun! Thanks for the peek.

I like it!

(and you can turn off the annoying Flash profile thing in your "Edit profile", it's fine and readable on the static page)

Dude, if that's your first draft quality, I bow down before you.

I dig it! I want to know what happens next--something steamy eventually I hope! Good work

I like "she had the good grace to look chagrined." nice alliteration!

Really good, esp. for having been churned out under pressure and with little editing! Brava!

Too cute. I'd read it. Of course, I occasionally actually get in the mood to read a romance. It's sort of like my secret passion for romantic comedies. I can't help myself. And, let's just say that my husband benefits from it, too. I'm so girlie.

I'd read it. The old ladies at the laudrette would read it. (We drop off all the paperbacks at the laundrymat in MB and trade. I regularly devour way less amusing ones!) Great names.

Go Rachael go! I like it! I'd totally read it. Keep going!


Okay, you need to post more of the novel because I'm hooked. I love fiber/alpaca angle and can't wait to see what happens next.

You are unbelievable.
Great story so far!!

That was incredibly fun to read! And pretty darn well-written for a first draft. Keep up the good work.

Totally awesome. I want more! Go Rachael Go!!

Love it! I'm dying to know what comes next! Nothing like a little romance among the alpacas (and I LOVE the alpacas' names!) I love stories about stubborn, slightly impetuous women!

Awesome. Love it.

Love that we can read excerpts - thanks for sharing!! Fun to read and it really does remind me of my Harlequin phase in High School.

Good stuff!!!

you crack me up...
SO damn creative!

Love it! Can't wait for the next installment. :)

What a great story, I can't wait to read more! It even gave me that warm and fuzzy feeling in my belly from the romantic potential!

That's great! She's just so cute about the furry little guys!

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