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November 22, 2006

Joan Jett? Still hott. Just so you know.


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Oh hell yes. I have been in love with her since 1979.

She was, and remains, my #1 rock-and-roll role model (and girlcrush).

Husband: Why are you watching that?
Me: One of my blogs linked it.
H: Why did she link it?
M: Because Joan Jett is hot.
H: Yes, yes she is.

Word for word.

Oh man, Crimson and Clover was one of my favorite songs (and still is a rockin' track!)

Oh! Huge flashback to childhood. I apparently had a rocker phase when I was about 7. Loved Joan Jett then. I think my best friend's parent listened to it, because I know mine didn't.

Ya-huh! See is (still, always?) one cool lady.

she, not see!

There was never any doubt.

Ahhhhhhh, what a fantastic way to start the day :-)

Oh yeah. Joan Jett has always been and will always be HOTT in my book. Along with Chrissie Hynde, who may well be the Coolest Woman Alive Ever.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Best Thanksgiving gift...
Daughter bird rockin OUT
to your link and sayin'
*let's go BACK to Oakland on the train!*

Ooh, thanks. We might go to that show. I have had a crush on her since '80

Hey, look at your word total! YOU are the one who rocks. Toronto is soooo rooting for you...hope the muse drops in and makes herself comfortable this weekend.

*sigh. brings me back to the days of roller skating parties. I always loved skating to her.

but her licking her lips.. delish!!!

Yep. How comes she hasn't aged? I sure have.

Mind you I was 12 when I listened to I Love Rock'n'Roll.

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