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SOARNovember 3, 2006

It's absolutely incredible that I was at one point ambivalent about coming to SOAR (Spin Off Autumn Retreat). I drove up yesterday in the rain, met up with Janine, who is my spinning guru, and then took part in a mad well-orchestrated scramble for classes. I ended up with Alden Amos, As the Wheel Turns, this morning and I have Judith MacKenzie McCuin for Three Wild Downs (buffalo, yak, and cashmere) tomorrow.

The Yarn Harlot spoke last night, and brought the house down, despite the chill of the rain beating down on the huge outdoor tent. Watch the SOAR blog, I believe I heard they'll be posting a podcast of it. As Stephanie's tagalong, I snuck into a knit-glitterati studded party afterward, and had a grand time pretending to Be Someone, which I'm not, but if one sticks close by the Ones Who Are, and smiles a lot, no one seems to mind.

Oh, and I bought a wheel. Heh. A really inexpensive Ashford Traditional at a must-buy price. It's the one I've been wanting, and I simply couldn't pass it up. There was a rather shady looking exchange in the parking lot, cash flashing, passing of things from station wagon to station wagon. These are SO my people. 


Ain't she purdy? New Zealand, represent.

And I've been writing. I'm kind of exhausted. But really happy. Will write again here and catch up on email on Monday, okay? Peace out.   


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Knitterati! Haha! That is a great little wheel.

Oooo, pretty wheel!! Is it finished, or un-? If un- and you want an easy way to finish it, go for that finishing wax stuff they have at hardware places--it's super-easy to apply and will show off that lovely wood.
On the subject, The Husband has been hinting (very, very broadly) that he wants to get me one for Christmas....and tips on where to look in the Bay Area? (I know Carolna Homespun is here in the city, not sure abt anyplace else)

That's beautiful! It looks just like mine, only mine is walnut finish. So what are you going to spin up with it?

Great purchase! I'm sure you totally fit in with the knitterati...better than I ever could, I'm sure. When I met the Yarn Harlot it was basically me babbling, "Love to knit-muggle-mother with me-congratulations on your wedding..." Yikes. I'm sure you were much better spoken!

Congratulations! My first wheel was a traditional. It is a great wheel with a lot of options. The only reason I purchased my Lendrum was for portability.

You sound so happy...that it nice.

Darling, you are Absolutely Someone. Glad to hear you're having fun.

I to am a harlot-tag-a long.
It gets me to lots of good parties, hi Stephanie, I forgot to give her some $$$ to pick me up a Wolly Winder(little gem).So may be I'll tag-a-long next year. Cheers. Yo Rachel H. thanks for lunch the other day.

sigh. SO homesick for that part of the world where I grew up....some pitchers for me? I'm writing, too ;)
purdy wheel!

Continue rubbing elbows with the knitterati. You are my knitterati.

i'm thinking of trying to spin with a wheel since I'm having difficulty with learning the drop spindle. I hear that this may be great for me. I love your wheel.

I love your wheel! The Ashford traditional (walnut finish for me) is on my wish list. I have to keep telling myself "House first, then spinning wheel."

I have the jealousy badly. But I am a big enough person to be thrilled you had a good time. (sob. mostly) Love the new wheel - the Trad is good. Congratulations, from the depths of my (slightly bitter, envious) heart.

Now you need to go for the Woolee Winder to go with it! They are wonderful..makes my traditional even better.
happy spinning

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