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November 6, 2006


Just caught up with the NaNoWriMo novel, caught up on the words I was behind on -- didn't write a scrap yesterday. I thought my computer was fine after the fall, but then I couldn't make the power source work, so I was unable to charge it. So I couldn't write yesterday, of course. Didn't want to run down the last few minutes I had to my name.....

But of course, Lala was able to make it work, and I wrote today. Sigh. It was a struggle. But I did it.

I've been working from a plot-line for the first time ever. I don't know how long I'll stick to it, but it's been a dream so far. Every time a character wants to wander to the kitchen to make tea or coffee (yawn), I know it's time to pull a card. I used Holly Lisle's plot card idea, and I keep them right by me. I don't know how it will work in the end, but for right now, it's keeping me writing, without that desperate back-of-the-mind I-have-no-idea-WHAT-to-write-next thing that usually hits me about now.


(At first I uploaded a picture of the cards that could actually be read, and that was a very bad idea. Too incredibly embarrassing.)

And hey, as of today, I'm twenty percent done. Dude! Not bad.

Yesterday Lala had a great idea -- I should insert myself as a character, and then I could include my blogging, which is always somewhat wordy. Up my word count that way. Heh.

I can hear a tambourine somewhere in the house. This is so cute and domestic: Lala has signed on to do NaSoAlMo (is that right?) National Solo Album Month. So she's in there making an album. Which I think is rad.

Especially since she's found that Clara is TERRIFIED of the harmonica. Lord, that's a funny thing to see.

Now, I'm off to spin some more on my new lovely Ashford, which I've tweaked into working great. Neck is way better today, thanks for asking. Mwah!


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SOAR sounds like it was a blast- I hope that both your neck and your computer have full recovry from their ice adventure. I had winter tire put on my car this morning and am looking at an icy three months- ick. I am in the middle of "Yes Man" it really is quite funny. Thanks for the recomendation.

congrats on the fabulous writing progress so far! i like the plot card idea... though now i'm very curious about what's written there :)

....and the dogs are on a "eat a whole bag of food in 1 month" thing , you busy household you.
singing and writing and munching and barking

you gals are haveing just too much fun over there.

cheers all (I'm just knitting)

I love that you and Lala are doing the NaNowhatsits together. It sounds like a lot of work, but I'm betting you'll both be really satisfied when it's done. Just the fact that you DID it, you know? That takes a degree of downtoitiveness and sticktoitiveness that I aspire to.

And I think it's hysterical that Clara's afraid of the harmonica. What with the boychild in the house, my Riley's almost immune to people made noises. Except the vacuum cleaner, which he's positive we need defending from. (I'm with him there)

I'm just catching up--phew, you've been busy.

SOAR sounds amazing! Hooray for writing!

So I decided that NEXT year I will do the novel writing thing. Gives me about a year to plan for it, right? Thanks for the Notecarding link.

I *love* NaSoAlMo. Awesome.

Heh. Whenever I want to annoy Jasper, I chase him around the house with the harmonica, or the concertina, or the button accordion. Much barking and laughing ensues. :)

Congratulations on making such great progess on NaNo. I still haven't written a word but I keep telling myself, "There's still time."

I'd rather knit.

Cool to hear your progress, man! I really like the idear about puttin' critical plot events onto index cards. Right now I've been keepin' the plot in my noodle, and it is sort of a juggling act. It's like, oh yeah, this one thing has to happen! Etc. Cool! (I like the idear of inserting yourself as a character, too!)

You have inspired me to do the novel-in-a-month thing next November, which is also the time I come back from Europe.

Love your blog, your sweaters, and your fab household, showing that love and families come in many different combinations.

So glad to hear that the neck, novel and computer have survived SOAR.

Nice work catching up. I've fallen WAY behind... after making up some ground this weekend. I need your blessing to quit NaNoWriMo (3rd time :( not winning) or your multi-tasking super powers to handle writing, working and knitting (which was sworn off for November in favor of NaNo, but Knitty Gritty has come a-knockin' and want to shoot 11/30!).

Help a homo brother out, oh great inspiration lady!

I do like the colorful cards. Maybe thats what my dissertation rewrite needs, more colorful paper.
And putting yourself in the novel... very Charlie Kaufmann...

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