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Ack!December 3, 2006

lala sent me this link, from the Los Angeles Fire Department blog. (Isn't it fitting that they have one? Cute. It probably has hair and makeup people, too.)

You know that whole static buildup thing at the gas pump? That you thought was crap? Like how you're not supposed to get back into your car while fueling, or use your cell phone?

It's not crap. Check it. Scary stuff. (Not gory, though, safe for the fire-phobes like me to watch.) Even though I work for a major metropolitan fire department, I never knew this could actually happen. And I'm one of those that always carries a major charge, shocking myself hugely every time I get out of any car, open any metal door..... Yikes.


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Holy shit! That's scary!

Wow...bonus points to that woman for having the presence of mind to take the flaming nozzle from her car! I think I might have panicked and run with the nozzle still in the tank.

yikes - that is super scary...just linked it on my blog and will definitely be following the no-getting-back-in-your-car-while-pumping rule from now on! thanks for sharing!

Flipping heck !
Allan was once asked by a young woman, whilst at the pump, for a light for her cigarette...
He had to explain why that might be a bad idea !
He knew about the static risks. I didn't !

Mythbusters did a show on this once, and it's absolutely true. If I remember right the key was to make sure you touch the outside of your car when you get out to ground yourself, and do not get back in to sit. Stay outside, hand on car, and you're good.

Blimey! Maybe that's why we (in the UK) have pumps where you have to continually depress the lever to get the petrol out. I'm the one yelping at electric shocks I give myself from the car, treadmill, other people... Will take extra care at petrol stations now.

I got to your blog through a knitting website. Wow. You are SO VERY skilled. I am extremely jealous! I'm currently knitting your cabled scarf (I was looking for a simple but pretty scarf pattern to knit for a white elephant gift exchange and came across it). I'm so impressed...I just had to comment.

Mythbusters has shown this twice and both times their tests have busted the myth. There isn't a conclusive view of the person answering a cell phone and I find it hard to believe that pumps are so sensitive that I can't adjust my sweater while pumping gas.

Granted, I don't talk on the phone while pumping gas, but I'm a bit suspicious that something else wasn't going on in the video.

Holy crap, I had NO idea. Thanks for the link!

I don't know if they have hair and make-up people, but the certainly do hog up parking in front of the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on their coffee breaks. They're usually all pretty hot too.

And since LA is such a phone city there are usually news stories about someone torching their car because they didn't know and filled up their portable gas can in the bed of their truck.

It has nothing to do with cell phone usage, and everything to do with getting in and out of the car. I get a static charge every time I exit my vehicle. It drives me crazy. Is it my imagination or did this not happen with older cars? I never got a static charge from my old Honda.

wow, thanks for that! although i've never noticed a static charge and i never sit in my car while i'm refueling (at self-serve pumps i don't think you can do that in mass anyway), it's definely a good thing to know.

scary shit.

good grief... terrifying. thanks for sharing! i love more fuel (he he) for my paranoia! :)

I drive a diesel (bug). MUCH harder to make diesel explode.

I think the cellphone thing is crap (not enough voltage, iirc) , but I have no doubt that the static thing is all too real.

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