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Chez Hehu PartayDecember 4, 2006

We had a little music party over the weekend, and it was FUN! We invited strictly musicians and a smattering of fiber folk, so we would keep the party small. It didn't work. Musicians know lots of cool people, and the house was packed.

I felt like such a grownup. I remember a long, long, LONG time ago, I must have been five years old, maybe less, I wandered out in what was my middle of the night and found my parents having a small soiree in the living room, one that I had been unaware of. My mother wore an elegant short sheath, and she held a cigarette in one hand, and was leaning back against the couch, laughing. I was STUNNED at how cool my mother was, and a little offended that the woman who wore jeans and cleaned up vomit (I was a throw-uppy kid) could be so glamorous. She swears she remembers nothing of this, and if she was holding a cigarette, it was only a prop. More power to ya, mom. You looked awesome.

I kinda felt like her the other night. I'd been in sweats all day, cooking since ten in the morning, hanging white lights in the sunroom. At about four, I went to the store and bought masses of potted flowers, took the dogs for a walk, then came home and Got Glam. I have this dress I got at a thrift store a couple of years ago and have never found the opportunity to wear. I busted it out. It's kind of hard to see in this shot, but here:


It goes just below knee, and I love it. It fits like a dream, and back then, they knew how to make a dress that had room for hips, chest, AND belly. It had a little belly pouch, and I definitely have a belly to put in it.

Lala got appropriately schmancy, too, see?


This was Before Party. (Man, I'm glad I didn't take an After Party pic. It took four hours to clean yesterday.)


The food! (Lala set all this up, this and the drinks table, while I was primping, so she gets major bonus points.)


The drink!


Aren't we FANCY? Cut limes AND lemons! Toothpicks! People, the parties I've had in the past have involved Tecate and one jar of olives of unknown provenance, dug from the back of the fridge. Maybe a half-eaten bag of chips and some Oreos. I exaggerate, but not much.

There were also party dresses:

    Miss Idaho in Mizrahi (really, Target, dude)

    Cousin Fondue aka Noodle, in Santa.

Harriet wore a lovely little number that accidentally matched my dress, but she avoided the camera. She's the smartest one. Clara was crated for most of the party and didn't have to wear anything. She's not fond of crowds, and she'd already eaten all the feta, so she was good with her bone in there.

And there were musicians:


Even very young ones:


A good time was had, I believe. I think the last folks left at about three, and because we live in Oakland, if the cops were called, they wouldn't have had time to check on it until the next day, so we're good. And the floors are now mopped. I'm happy.



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Your party sounds like so much fun! I love that the dogs had party clothes too.

Wow, you all look wonderful! Aw man, I wish I could go to your parties, they look like so much fun. I love that dress (envy)

I love your house so much-another pictorial tour, perhaps? And where is your tree? It seems so you to have a glammed out tree by the fireplace, even if you're not too much into Christmas. I can see you two with one of those vintage tinsel trees and a color wheel....

Dude, that dress is HAWT. You need to find more opportunities to wear it.

You two look great! I love that dress. Whenever we have nice parties I always feel a little like a kid playing dress up. It's totally fun and totally worth it! We will be going to hubby's company party this weekend and he recommended I get an evening gown...It's like prom all over again! Yay!

You look stunning in that beautiful dress ! You need to wear it more.


Wow, that looks like so much fun! I love dressing up in vintage duds for a little party!
We have been known to have a few parties where the bag of percussion instruments makes its way into everyone's hands.

So sad we had to miss it. Next time, I promise. Mwah!

Love that dress. So cool. I love that the dress has a belly pouch. I could use that too. :-(

Dang. Double dang.

I don't know whether to be glad people were having fun even though I couldn't be there--or to be mad for the same reason!

What a kickass dress! Sorry we missed. Becky's job sucks, except on every other Friday. Heh.

Congrats on your first 'grownup partay'. We'll catch up soon!

God, y'all are cute! I love the dresses (both yours AND Miss Idaho's), and it looks like a wonderful time.

I also have memories of wandering out of my bedroom while Mom was having a party (I distinctly remember spying on her new year's eve party when I was about 7) and it always looked like such a sophisticated thing. Now when I think about it, she was a LOT younger than I am now, but I never feel that grown-up when we have a get-together.

That dress? FAB! And it really went with the hairdo, as well.

you guys looked fabulous. the party looked like a roaring success.

Looks like a fun bash, and gawd but you two are TEH CUTE!


What a party. You looked amazing! The pics of you and Lala are so sweet... they make my heart smile :)

Looks like a seriously fabulous party. And you! In that dress! Va-va-voom!

Ooh! You look beautiful in that dress and Lala's blouse is smashin'.

It looks like you had a fabulous party - exactly the kind I'd love to throw - or attend!

And you both looked great. Well played.

Great pictures of the party, the food and drink setup is indeed topnotch. The dress is fabulous, late fifties early sixties, I guess? You all look great and so happy!

Looks like a fun party. Love the dress. There is nothing like a great vintage dress.

Perfect outfit for a girl named "Miss Idaho." And, that dress you're wearing is lovely. Could have easily worked as a wedding dress.

Why can't I find dresses like that? I have always had a little belly which is a lot more pronounced after 3 kids. And a chest. (But no hips or booty. My belly is probably bigger than my butt). You looked so glam!
And how's the knitting machine learning going? :)

You guys are a hot couple, lady. And that party sounds like a blast!

Damn, girl - I am jonesing for a holiday party in the worst way now!

that dress is beautiful on you. i am so glad that you had the opportunity to wear it.

Looks totally fun! And I can bet there was no snow on the ground.

You(plural) and your house look festive! You(Rachael) have a good time a lot of the time -it must be a gene!I think it's wonderful to have that. I'm not jealous but mildy curious as to how one can engineer their life in order to achieve that. I haven't a clue. I was wondering if you rented your apartment? And what happened with the difficult man next door?

late to the party as ever, I am, but damn girl you are hot hot hot in that dress! I've said it before, I'll say it again, Lala is one lucky woman. Your party looks just fantastic - someday I'll know enough people here to have a party like that, right? Either that or I'll have to save up and buy a train ticket to your house next time ;-)

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