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Kureyon GoodnessDecember 2, 2006

I am in love with Michelle's sweater. Isn't that brilliant? Isn't she smart? I want one, JUST like it.


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Beat you to the Kureyon 126!!!!

I don't blame you one bit--I want one exactly like it, too!

Thanks, Rachael. But what's up with everyone saying I'm so smart lately?

WOW. That is fabulous!
Too bad horizontal stripes make me look like a big 'tater...

That jersey is gorgeous but having nosed through her site - it is a site of general gorgeousness. In fact I am smitten but like the person above I'd look like a big tater - may have to knit something like it for daughter (she is an 11yr old string bean). Also the thanksgiving photo of you and Lala is really lovely, sigh.

I know! I think it's totally beautiful, and I'm smitten. A little more stash knitting, and I'm there, baby!

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