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Pachelbel is Following HimDecember 23, 2006

Found via Jill, I leave you for the weekend with this. It's brilliant. A second-violinist joke! Hahahaha! Never not funny! Plus, the end is wickedly funny. Good music-geek stuff.


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Wow, thanks for that link. That was hella funny!

Oh. My. God. That was AWESOME!!!!

Thanks, Rach, and Happy Christmas!

Oh my. It's not just me who has this rant!

Thanks for the link and the laugh. Both my son (music geek) and I loved it.

Dude, that was hilarious. The end was awesome. Happy holidays to you and yours, cutie pie.

Funny, I love it! Thanks for the link . . . although, I admit I kind of like Pachabel.....

Merry Christmas!

Ha! I lost my virginity to a cellist. So...now I know where his frustration and rage came from...I thought it was my laughing. ;)

Tears.. in my... eyes. Too funny!

Loved it! Needed the laugh before I pushed on to final cleaning before the family descends on Tuesday. Merry Christmas!

That was very funny. I never connected Pachelbel's Canon with that tune, but now I know.

hahahaha! And I was so psyched when I could all the chords for Pachelbel's canon. It IS very easy to play and improvise upon.

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