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Extra, Extra!December 14, 2006

Chihuahua Eats Border Collie's head.


This is what they do, all day long.

You all may be well and doomed, now that I know how to work Youtube. Those of you that aren't dog lovers, I swear I would take more video of the cats, only they're BORING. I do not have kittens. I have a cat that sits on the table and yells at me, and one that purrs at me from the top of the fridge. That is not good video, people. Neither is me sitting around knitting, so you'll have to make do with dogs. And they're such CUTE vicious dogs.

Also, anyone else having an issue with that new Visitor stat counter? It's causing some readers' internets to freeze, and we hate a frozen internet. I'm moving it to my Knitting page, because no one really goes there, but if you really want to see yourself represented, go over there! (And I like to be able to see where y'all are. It's cool.)


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Too funny. Especially since really, Miss Idaho is the equivalent of a two bite brownie for Clara. And then there's Harriet "I'm not getting involved in that nonsense but damn I'm cute and someone should give me a belly rub right now" pooch.

Those dogs are clearly DANGEROUS!!! I can't believe that they are allowed to run rampant like that! Won't somebody think of the CHILDREN!??

oh, that is great. such cute puppies! i love how clara is very good with miss idaho wrt size. and harriet is just too funny. she's like "watching those two makes me faint. somebody give me a bellyrub, please!" or maybe she's the smart one. :)

i would do dog videos except all my dog does is to sleep. like this:

Are they struggling for dominance? If so, it looks like Miss Idaho is the leader!

That's actually terrifyingly similar to what we see with our Tosh (sheltie) and Dash (grey cat). Except we get the high-pitched MMRRRRWW of Dash (which, when he was a kitten, we would take for a distress call - how wrong we were...).

looks like my two pugs playing...constantly attacking each others faces. just checked out ur knitting page...u do amazing work!!

awww...awesome video. go miss idaho go!

Looks like a regular day at the office to me.

They should have their own TV show!

I should figure out Teh Youtubes and post videos of the out-and-out cat brawls in my apartment. I need nightvision for the ones they have on the bed while I'm trying to sleep.

I love it when little dogs are size blind! Too cute.

We could all learn something from Miss Idaho! Go, girl, go!

Your visitor counter says I'm from Tavistock. Really, I'm from London Ontario. At least it got the country right.

I love the way little dog stays on the couch and waits for big dog to come play. And big dog is really considerate of little dog's size handicap. Snoring dog is priceless. She's like: "Just leave me out of it kids."

Awwwww! More, more, more! I can't get enough happy dog vid.

The best part is poor Harriet, just lying there praying for a belly rub.

I agree with Wendy - I loved this. Miss Idaho, I love you, feisty girl!

For a good cat video search YouTube for "sweet tired cat." I swear it is the cutest thing that exists.

Don't you just love how secure the little dog is that the big black one isn't going to eat him? I just love that. =) Great vid!

the visitor counter is intense... i feel like i should look over my shoulder or something :)
just finished making dinner and had to share this recipe with you, as it seemed like something you might like (you are not vegetarian, are you?) 'cause it's simple and delicious... mix olive oil, a bunch of crushed garlic, and a bunch of marjoram in a bowl. add a bunch (lost the original recipe so everything is a bunch) of marjoram. spread the mixture over some bone-in chicken breasts, or whatever bone-in chicken you have, covering the chicken with the spicy oil & putting the tomatoes on the pan directly. roast for 35 minutes or so... so fast, so incredibly good.

Hmmm, the visitor counter says I am in San Leandro.....
*looks out the window* Nope, I have not teleported, still San Francisco!

Oh that Miss Idaho is dangerous all righty. I tremble at her mighty ... um ... mightiness.


Love, love, love the video. It's so nice to see them getting along so well. It's much better to have happy dogs that play....rather than the alternative!

Happy Howlidays!

I always thought o' little Miss Idaho as so delicate and sensitive, but she's got some fight in her, that dog has.

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