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Scary CookingDecember 6, 2006

I have in the oven right now either a miracle or a disaster. I layered pasta shells (cooked), white beans, Amy's mushroom soup, green beans, tuna, scallions, and cheddar cheese. It's either going to taste great or horrible, and I have no idea which way it will go. I love casseroles. I just don't know how to make them with things lying around in the freezer and cupboard. How do you do it?

While you think about that and while we wait for that to cook (oh, I HOPE it's good -- it has to be dinner all week at work), why don't I show you a few pics? I've been hanging with my godson Dylan quite a bit this week. I just remembered that perhaps it's my knitterly godmom duty to make him another sweater for Christmas, since he's almost grown out of the cabled one. I'm broke, so I hied me down to Michaels (gasp) and found some adequate wool (Lion maybe?). Green and brown, soft enough for a baby, anyway.  I headed with my goods to the counter. I was buying six balls, so I'd be able to make Mom a scarf/hat set to match, if I have time. I mentally calculated what I thought it might cost on my way to the checkout. Thirty bucks, I figured, for six skeins. I hadn't actually looked at the price. Then the gal rang me up. $15.25. Dude. For six balls. Why am I so addicted to The Nice Stuff? This cheap stuff doesn't suck like it used to, huh?

So pics (I almost forgot):

    My baby Pickle

    Pickle with his mama

    My baby with a tiny hat

    My baby's baby, Harriet

Casserole beeped! It's done! I'm scared!


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If it has cheese, it will be good.

serve it with wine, or better yet serve it after wine - that usually helps... Tell yourself this is economising and it will help you buy more yarn in the long run? Good luck

I bet it tastes like 1955! Good luck...

Got my fingers crossed for you, sweetie!

I put on a sweater this morning, one I had made with Pretty Expensive Wool...and thought about how ratty it looks: pilly and just worn. So I changed it for another one, and decided THAT one looks worn and ratty, too. And I actually thought to myself that maybe I need to stop using so much Good Stuff for sweaters which are really going to get WORN. Maybe there's a happy medium somewhere I haven't discovered yet!

I see no reason why that casserole should go wrong. Then again, my affinity for the tuna casserole is kind of unholy and embarrassing.

Mmmm, sounds good to me.
I believe that all casseroles must contain the UBI (Universal Binding Ingredient), which is Cream of Mushroom soup. You seem to have that covered. Also, how can anything with scallions be bad? OK, don't answer that.

I don't hate Wool-Ease with the fierce hot fire of a thousand suns as some people seem to. It feels pretty soft to me, even with the acrylic. I generally like the actually knitting experience more with the good stuff than the not so good stuff, but it depends on fiber content and the yarn and all that. Homespun, though it feels all soft in the ball and I love some of the colors, makes me want to poke my eyes out after knitting with it.

I am not so much one for the tuna, but if you subbed in chicken I think it would be quite good.
My rule of thumb is if you like all the components, the resulting dish has a high probability of being edible. That's how I came up with the lamb-summer squash-garlic-onion-rice melange I made the other night, and that was a HIT.

I love you. I mean, I know I can't love you love you, but I just love your posts. You had better share how the casserole (nevermind the sweater) turn out...

I grinned at the statement, "I have in the oven right now either a miracle or a disaster." Sounds like my kitchen and my devil-may-care kind of cooking.

Hm, just realized your words would also be an interesting pregnancy statement. ;o)

Hope the casserole was excellent!

sooo. how was it?

as for the cheap stuff. sorry but if it's for a kid, it's the cheap rugged stuff.

the pickle is adorable

so how was it???

No, the cheap stuff isn't all as bad as it used to be. This is good for me, because I am far away from a proper yarn shop.

Tastes like 1955? That is so funny!

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