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100 Miles by April Fool's Day!January 1, 2007


(Button courtesy of ScoutJ)

So this is what we're doing.

100 Miles by April 1.

Put your knitting down and join us!

You can walk, jog, run, crawl, swim, treadmill, spin, or bike it. Any method we crafters can use, any method to get us out of the house and out of our cars and out in the world, using our bodies to get around.

You won't be mailing me your time or mileage (unless you want to -- feel free, I'd love to know!), but register yourself at Runagogo.com and keep us posted on your mileage and your attitude! You'll have friends with you every step of the way.

It's totally do-able, I swear. 3 miles, 3 times a week. Or a little more than a mile a day. You can do it! For some it will be a challenge. For others, a literal walk in the park. But we're in it together.

At the end, we'll post a list of everyone participating, and what their end mileage was. And then we'll all sit around in our jammies and knit and eat chocolate and not run anywhere for a little while.

If you have a Nike+iPod, send me your username (my email is to the right) and I'll add you to the runagogo challenge over there, if you want to keep track that way.....

If you don't have one of those nifty gadgets to track yourself, I'm hearing good things from people using Cool Running (link is to the log function -- keep track of your distance, time, even tells you when to change your shoes).

A great way to track distance before you leave the computer (or after you come home) is to use the Google Maps Pedometer. I LOVE this thing. Put in the address or city under Jump To and then switch to Hybrid view for a really easy way to find exact mileage.

Now, my little chickadees, get out there and move! (I suddenly feel an urge to dance around like Richard Simmons....)


If you're playing, please steal a button! (But don't forget to save the image onto your server before using it.....)  How cute is this one, huh? Thanks to Janice in GA!



As a matter of fact, I planned on starting to walk to work tomorrow. It is a bit over three miles, round trip.

I don't know if I'll make 100 miles in the next three months, but it's worth a shot, right?

Happy New Year!

I'm going to go for it.

That Google Pedometer site is so cool!

I just e-mailed you. I have used the pedometer thing for a while. I love it!

Yay! This is just what I need to inspire me. My sis is already getting me signed up for races, and we both just got the ipod thingy so we can track together. funfunfun!

great idea! i was doing 3 miles/3x a week there until I picked up ice skating... now I have no idea what sort of mileage I'm putting in on the ice. :)

I also love the USATF site -- you can look for or map your own routes. It also saves other people's routes so you can see what other people are running -- very cool! :)

Dude, count me in! I'm a bit hesitant, given my track record with knitalongs, but if this will get me off my arse and into the gym, so be it!

Oh yeah! me too... sign me up.
I was thinking I couldn't really play but then... googlemaps pedometer to the rescue! That is SO cool! If it's right, I walked way farther than I thought tonight! woo hoo...

Okay, I'm in too. This challenge coincides with the most 'interesting' weather period here in the Ice Rain Capitol of Canada. It's not the most runner or walker friendly time of the year so this may be the nudge I need to continue my usual walking programme. More to the point, the temperature this New Year's Day afternoon was 8 C/46 F compared to the average -6 C/21 F. We have no snow cover and the wide, wild river that flows by my home is completely free of ice. This is not as it should be. I'll be doing my errands on foot to reach the 100 mile mark (hmmm must convert from kilometres). Mother Earth and I thank you. Sincerely.

Is it bad that the first thing I did with the Google Pedometer thingie is track just how far it is to and back my nearest Starbucks?

For the record - 1.01 miles. Hmmmm.

I wanna play too!

How did I miss this? Sign me up, baby. I'm heading back to the gym!

This is great, Rachael! I would love to be part of it ;)

I wanna! I wanna! I was gonna buy a little pedometer anyway. Extra-cool.

Sign me up too! I've been looking for a good reason to get off my duff & get back out running. Thanks!

yay! i am excited... what a nice big group! hello healthy living. good stuff.

Happy New Year Sweetie!
Just an FYI - I just checked my daily route on the pedometer and it's off by 1.25 miles... I've checked it twice and get the same results. You may want to double check the numbers with an alternate method. :)

Y'know, I use that google pedometer all the time, but it never occurred to me to use the photo or hybrid fucntions. Now I can figure mileage for trails (the visible ones, anyway)!

Never used the Google feature, I may have to check that one out!
Add me to the side bar, I'm in! Got to get ready for my second 1/2 marathon this year.

Sweet! Of course anybody with a GPS can use it to calculate their mileage too. Anything to get moving, right?

I've gotta check out that Goggle thingy. I've also been looking at walking programs on iAmplify to get the most out of this. (read, stop the jiggling in various bits of me that Just Shouldn't Jiggle)Thanks for the push, petal. mwah.

I am in. I walk my dog twice a day (unless the weather is bad and then he refuses to go outside) so I should be able to do this. Plus I get a GPS unit for hiking that I can measure my distance with.

Yay! My husband and I will both be joining you. Umm, I may not have mentioned to him that this is a knit-blogger thing, so he may not be joining in the knitting and chocolate at the end. Although, he could probably get behind some Sci-Fi network and chocolate action.

I'm game for this, as long as I can row part of it, too. Short daylight hours and cold weather keep my on the rowing maching most of the winter.

I wish I could join you all...sadly, the last time I tried to run my knees expressed their protest loudly and quite painfully. But I will certainly be cheering you all on from the sidelines!

I'm in. I can walk 1 mile a day without problems. Even when I got sick I was still able to do the mile. I am trying to add the second mile at least on my days off. So maybe this will make me do that. I should go and get a new pedometer. I've gone thru 2 so far.
My blog is: time4moretea.blogspot.com

Sign me up!! I am training for the Marine Corps marathon again, and need all the encouragement I can get after quite a long period of couch-potatoing!

Yay! Fun idea; a non-computer thing to celebrate on the computer!

Count me in! Some of my miles will be inside, too, due to short days and northern climate, but I DO run outside whenever I can.

I'm in! What fun!

Count me in! It'll be good motivation to get biking again.

Oh darn, I thought it was spin 100 miles of yarn by April 1. I probably can't come close on the running let alone the spinning. Can I make mine a triathlon? Like .5 miles of yarn, 30 miles of bike ride, 2 pairs of socks and 48.5 miles of riding my motorscooter? (oh wait that's 4 things)

Count me in too... I was going to go for a run on New Year's Day anyway, but now I have three freakin' months o'running. I may even do a half in Eugene... but for now it's just moving and being alive in my body.

I'm in! I'm in! I'm in! A little more than a mile a day? I can do that!

I'm totally down for this. After five days of doing nothing (well deserverd, I might add) on my holiday break I suddenly had to run. It was a biological drive. And I'm planning on running another marathon in Spring or Summer, so what better way to get going?

And Happy New Year my co-Rach(a)el, my the new year give you more blessings than the last!

With walking the kids to school, I might be able to do this. Do I get extra points for babywearing a 13 month old while I do it? LOL.
I'm trying to figure out that google site, but I can't seem to mark points. What's the secret? I don't see any instructions :(

Count me in! I'll be walking it with the ambition of working up to running.

I'm in! Sounds like a great motivation challenge :)

Can you add me to the Nike Plus group too? I just e-mailed you my username.

I'm in! I recently started walking to work - a little shy of two miles round trip, or 2.5 if I ride my bike. I think I will make it my goal to do 100 miles each - that will make me get out a little on the weekends, too, but I won't have to kill myself. YAY!

Oh, what the hell. I didn't join you for NaNo, so I'll do 100 miles. This is much more fun than counting calories. Mmmmmmmwah!

I'm in!! I've already been running, but this would definitely up my current mileage! I'm so excited to start!

Add me to the list! This is part of my goal for 2007 and what a great way to meet that goal! Thanks for the inspiration!


Found the link to you on January One's blog. I think your idea is the kind of thing I need to get myself moving too. 100 miles by April 1 is absolutely something I can do! I will start wearing my pedometer again, get myself off the couch and out there walking!

Blogless Betsy...

I just sent over an email asking to join. Hope I see my name on the list of participants who finish the 100 miles!

I'm in! It seems like the perfect excuse to nudge my butt into running again...or at least more walking.

I'll add the link to my blog once I figure out exactly how to do that ;)

I'd love to join you. I walk 3.5 or 5 km with my dog almost every day. One year it was EVERY day. Thanks for asking me to play with you. 7.6 km a week for 13 weeks is too easy. But too much fun to do with friends.

Sign me up too!
Love that google hybrid function... too cool!


Got me a pedometer, and signed up with a site where I can log my mileage. Wohoo!

And my I add this is Very unlike me. All your fault. Thank you. :o)

Great inspiration!! I'll be walking, mostly (can't run due to joint issues), but want to add in some swimming and biking too. I'm in.

Happy new year 2007!

I love the idea. I need to get my butt moving so I will join you all.

Thanks for setting this up!

Amanda :)

Hi, there. Just found you through Scout. Although I don't run (bad knees), I need to get some walking in. Will you please add me to the list? Thanks!
Happy New Year

I'm in! What a great idea!

i would love to do this, i was trying to do something of the sort already but the motivation is great! please sign me up

Count me in! This is just the motivation I needed!

OK...I'm in. I'm counting on y'all to make me do this!!!

I uually run about 40 miles a week, so I think this is no problem at all for me. Count me in anyway though.

Thank you for putting this together - totally inspiring. I did the Couch to 5k from Cool Running last spring, and the best part - I RAN a 5k at the end - it was pretty darn liberating - so I am thilled to join up - excellent motivator! woo hoo!

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