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Back on DayshiftJanuary 17, 2007

I'm tired, and happy. Have been up since 430am, and I'm loving being still awake. Really. Because soon, I get to go to bed, and it will be DARK. I love sleeping at night. All day, all twelve hours of my shift, I bounced up and down for joy. Days! Days! I had no idea I would be so happy to rejoin the day-work force.

No time for much, though. Walked the dogs. Must eat something. Perhaps a bath. Tomorrow I will fit in a run, but today, I'm a tired slob, and really, it's quite nice.

Sleep well, won't you?


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Yay for DAYS! Back to the land of the night sleepers. Congrats.

Oh, wow. I have trouble sleeping these days, I mean nights. But hopefully last night's sleeplessness will turn into tonights sleeping and dreaming.

glad you are back from your flirting-with-vampires lifestyle!

congratultions on being on days!

You and Lala were in my dream last night. Do any other of your readers tell have dreams about out you?

Oh god, sleeping in the dark is THE BEST! Daywalkers just don't appreciate it fully.

I worked nights for about five years. It's been several years since then, but I still get a little thrill when I think, "I get to sleep IN THE DARK!"

Welcome back to the world! You'll also find that places serve the meals you'd expect. No more ordering breakfast at your dinnertime, and vice versa!

i have but one word to say to you:


I will try. Will you stop my dog and children from waking me up?


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